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I am a 27 year old mother of three beautiful girls who is engaged to married this July, all while trying to survive nursing school. I am in my second semester of the RN program at the local community college.

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  1. the_whatsername

    Help with chest auscultation please?

    I am a new to all of this too, and my teacher recommended that we watch videos by hawlknurse on youtube. She has great (according to my teacher, because I have nothing to really compare with) videos demonstrating the basic HOW TOs of assessment. As f...
  2. the_whatsername

    L/D Care Plan Help PLEASE

    Thank You so much! I am so new to this and I know I am probably making this more difficult than it should be. I just have been feeling very overwhelmed and the stress of it all is getting to me. You've helped me understand better HOW to work a care p...
  3. the_whatsername

    L/D Care Plan Help PLEASE

    I am a level one RN student on my first OB clinical rotations and care plans are still very new to me. I must turn in a concept map with supporting data for each of my diagnoses and an intervention sheet with at least 6 interventions and patient resp...