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  1. how many colonoscopies per day?

    Doing exams this quickly may be "efficient" but the patient is getting a lousy exam. "rescheduled if late even if prepped"? that shows a callous disregard for the patient.
  2. Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant?

    my 2 cents worth: I just had a NP do my annual physical and she was great! I'm not easily impressed; I'm in med school, the oldest in my class. if I ever go into primary care, I hope that I'm as good as the NP that did my physical. is she a docto...
  3. You asked for opinions, I'm a med student (oldest in my class)..propofol is an induction anesthetic and should only be administered by anesthesiologists..nurses SHOULD NOT administer this drug. Personally, I would not be comfortable with a nurse (CR...
  4. I asked a similar question in my post "lower endoscopy usual practice". I discussed conscious sedation practices for colonoscopy and I was surprized at the opinions that I got; I was mainly interested in unsedated exams but got a lotof info on propo...
  5. lower endoscopy usual pracctice

    I'm trying to get a handle on how different endo departments deal with colonoscopy patients who request an drug-free exam. Our hospital's endo department has a lot of differing opinions on the matter. One doc said its an uncomfortable but better/s...
  6. Average Salary for ADN vs BSN

    Sugarbush-I'm sure that you are correct. Handing out titles such as Dr. to everyone is meaningless; ask the pharmacy profession; did anything change when they went to the all PharmD degree many years ago? Nope, it just meant that pharmacy school g...
  7. Average Salary for ADN vs BSN

    The university medical center that I'm affiliated with pays the same rate for ADN and BSN; at least on paper. And that's fine if you are satisfied with working the floors, but if you want to work on one of the specialty units like same day surgery (...
  8. Colonoscopy question

    I just wanted to as gastro nurses for their opinion about an upcoming colonoscopy. Let's say that the patient (me) wants to analyze the risk/benefits of unsedated colonoscopy; just in a general sense. One endo doc (trained overseas) said its an unco...