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  1. Returning to NZ

    Thanks for responding. That doesn’t sound too difficult then. I was hoping they would have some kind of RN to BSN Programme but I haven’t found one. Doing it here is way too costly. BTW Waikato Polytechnic (what it was called then) is where I did nu...
  2. HELP!! Experienced RN interview for ED

    When I interviewed for my ED position I was given a triage scenario - 4 patients, their symptoms, VS etc. Who would I send through first, what order. One was chest pain with a normal EKG, a woman with what I thought could be sepsis, and I forget the ...
  3. Actually, many of these HH patients live with perfectly able-bodied family members. Living in squalor is a choice they have made.
  4. It's also common practice among Chinese to spit everywhere. In New Zealand (which gets a lot of Chinese tourists) there are signs (in Chinese and English) in the airport imploring people not to spit on the flooring/carpets. And don't get me started o...
  5. Suggestions for scheduling on night shift

    Three in a row is a lot for some to handle, especially if you are not getting quality sleep during the day (with kids that can be a challenge). As previously suggested, do a mix for the first schedule. Also - for your own sanity, make sure you get go...
  6. A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    As an overseas-trained RN I can attest to the fact that all education is thoroughly vetted by WES and CGFNS before you can apply to take NCLEX.
  7. Two Jobs: Full-time night, Part-time day

    I agree with the overtime people. If you work for two employers you have to do mandatory education, meeting, skills fairs etc. at two places. Also the weekend and holidays commitments, as someone else mentioned. I just worked six 12s straight (nights...
  8. Millennial Nurses Have Issues

    Truth be told, if I'd had a fancy pocket computer way back when I was a young'un, I probably would have been on it constantly..although my walkman was pretty rad!
  9. If someone started filming me I think I would be sorely tempted to take out my phone and record them recording me, hopefully covering most of my face in the process. Otherwise I would leave the room until security or management dealt with it. I have ...
  10. When Nurses Dream...and Have Nightmares!

    I recently dreamed I only saw one of my home care patients and completely forgot the other visits I was supposed to do that day. I can't tell you how relieved I was when I woke up. I often dream that I'm trying to punch in a number such as a phone nu...
  11. Returning to NZ

    Hi there. I am a NZ registered nurse who has been living in the US since 1994. I am considering moving back to NZ in the next couple of years due to family issues such as aging parents, and a desire to be close to family again. I would prefer not to ...
  12. Is my (50K) BSN worthless?

    I would definitely not recommend either LTC or home care as slower paced or less stressful.
  13. Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    My preceptor at a new job was listening to me give report and tell someone that so-and-so was on azithromycin. She gave a look like I was an imbecile and said "no he's not, he's on Zithromax!". She was a terrible preceptor - tried to make me look dum...
  14. Another thread about burn out

    I spent (threw away) three grand on a coding course. I figured it would help me get into a utilization review-type job, but it hasn't. The only difference it made was when I was in a care manager position my boss would give me charts that needed diag...
  15. Sick Days?

    It can also depend on how desperate your unit is. Where I work there are a number of people who call out frequently. They get spoken to and everyone grumbles about it, but we are chronically short staffed so they will probably never get fired.