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  1. hmt

    Opening Sharps Containers

    Another idea: What should be counted is not the dirty needles at change of shift, but un used needles. There could be a shift to shift un used needle/syringe count (just don't have gobs of needles to count...leave majority of unused ones in the directors office). Then you may not need the PYXIS. You still would have to enter a code or name for the PYXIS, so surely you can just have a flow sheet to chart shift to shift un used needle counts. This can be documented on a similar flowsheet with all the injections for the shift. So there's your used needle count. It's your life.
  2. hmt

    Opening Sharps Containers

    No matter who or what, never open sharps containers EVER!! Have this institution PURCHASE a needle counter. If this place demands needles to be counted then there should be a needle counter on the unit. A mini Pyxis, about 2 1/2 square ft machine could count needles as you open and close the locking drawers. Then they are automatically dropped into a box, and totaled by the Pyxis at the end of each shift/or day. Then the directors involve themselves personally in proper disposal when the container is full. I would try to contact PYXIS, they have different sizes of drawers. They should be able to load a program for counting needles as they are disposed of. Good luck.
  3. hmt

    8 hour shift vs. 12 hour shift - your opinion...

    I locally worked 5 11-7 8's for 8 years and thought that was the greatest. I then changed to 12's for 7p-7a, and what a difference, to the better, this made in my life..Especially for working graveyards. I now have more of a life, and now have more time for school and household stuff. For 10 years now, I commute 61 miles one way, and the 12's are the best. I am less fatigued at home and very active at work. I am working on my advanced degree, and still I feel I never want to go back to the 5 8's to be considrered full time. 12's...the best!!
  4. hmt

    BSN vs. Associates

    Well now, so you are an excellent nurse? What defines excellence? Remember management is not in the position to win popularity contests and it's surely no pleasure cruise. There is major pressure from those "above" and to have difficult floor nurses with attitudes, makes their positions much more difficult. Most managers want to succeed, but are put in awkward positions. I do agree though that negativity is a minus., but ALL bosses must think about unit/pt. costs. I did DON and case manager positions with an ADN, and went to perdiem floor nursing with the BSN. We are just all so different about our ideas of professionalism and the degree's we hold. It's essentially the States and the companies that dictate who is the true professional. So what is excellence?..our degree, the opinion of ourself or is it really the positive pt. outcomes from the care we provide.
  5. hmt

    Nurses practicing medicine in the ICU

    To my understanding, our scope of practice is what we have been trained to do; ACLS, Heparin gtt/PTT orders, skin care products, extubation, meds/skin treatments etc. according (of course) to hospital P & P. Just (you must) rewrite the MD protocol/nursing order on the MD orders, from the original standing orders, so the MD must resign his/her protocols.
  6. hmt

    Nurses practicing medicine in the ICU

  7. hmt

    Drug errors

    I have witnessed a different kind of drug error; what do you think about 'punishment' of this incident (more and more common now).. I see Nurses that poory spike TPN bags, thus spillage/leakage/waste of the entire bag occurs. What do you feel is a punishment of this med error/incident costing $700-$1200 + per bag.
  8. hmt

    IV therapy documentation

    We use preprinted Mar's that have all main IV bags and IVPB's on them.
  9. hmt


    Have you ever read pt. assessments that were so different from yours, it was alarming. Does staffing, stress or attitudes affect the documentation of assessments;or are they just poor assessments. Have you ever had a pt. tell you, you are the 1st nurse in 4 days that has checked their feet, yet you read documented feet assessments. I am looking for articles and references about this issue and any comments.