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  1. Opening Sharps Containers

    Another idea: What should be counted is not the dirty needles at change of shift, but un used needles. There could be a shift to shift un used needle/syringe count (just don't have gobs of needles to count...leave majority of unused ones in the dire...
  2. Opening Sharps Containers

    No matter who or what, never open sharps containers EVER!! Have this institution PURCHASE a needle counter. If this place demands needles to be counted then there should be a needle counter on the unit. A mini Pyxis, about 2 1/2 square ft machine ...
  3. I locally worked 5 11-7 8's for 8 years and thought that was the greatest. I then changed to 12's for 7p-7a, and what a difference, to the better, this made in my life..Especially for working graveyards. I now have more of a life, and now have more...
  4. BSN vs. Associates

    Well now, so you are an excellent nurse? What defines excellence? Remember management is not in the position to win popularity contests and it's surely no pleasure cruise. There is major pressure from those "above" and to have difficult floor nurse...
  5. Nurses practicing medicine in the ICU

    To my understanding, our scope of practice is what we have been trained to do; ACLS, Heparin gtt/PTT orders, skin care products, extubation, meds/skin treatments etc. according (of course) to hospital P & P. Just (you must) rewrite the MD protoco...
  6. Nurses practicing medicine in the ICU

  7. Drug errors

    I have witnessed a different kind of drug error; what do you think about 'punishment' of this incident (more and more common now).. I see Nurses that poory spike TPN bags, thus spillage/leakage/waste of the entire bag occurs. What do you feel is a p...
  8. IV therapy documentation

    We use preprinted Mar's that have all main IV bags and IVPB's on them.
  9. Assessments

    Have you ever read pt. assessments that were so different from yours, it was alarming. Does staffing, stress or attitudes affect the documentation of assessments;or are they just poor assessments. Have you ever had a pt. tell you, you are the 1st nur...