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  1. RN in a doctors office??

    RADIATIONNURSE2B, I don't usually let things bother me, but am I reading that you called the other nurses " desk nurses"? I just don't understand that. I am in a internists office...we do alot of procedures, and I do ALOT of triage. I've been a nurse...
  2. RN in a doctors office??

    Hey there! I started as an LPN in the internal medicine office I work for now. I got my RN in December after being an LPN for 10 years. I make the same as the hospital nurses.... I do pretty much the same thing I used this point we have 2 me...
  3. Quality

    hey there!!! my respsonses are in red!! i am an rn in an internal medicine office. i had been a lpn since 1999 and just made rn in december....very exciting!! right now i have two medical assistants that i work with, 2 receptionists, a md, a np, and ...