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  1. love_4_nursing

    Did anyone attend the Nursing Panel Discussion at GCC?

    i will be attending that panel next wednesday! did it help answer all of your questions? i have a son who is 2 & im a single parent! lets hope this works out! :)
  2. love_4_nursing


    ajhill00- i havent started the bio yet. how is it?! i start the beg. of july
  3. love_4_nursing

    Single mom wanting to do nursing!!

    i am in the exact same boat with you! im a single mommy to 1 1/2 year old...and man just doing the pre-reqs seems hard!!! i think you should just follow your dreams and like the other posters said...by the time you actually attend nursing school you might be in a different position...anything can happen between that time! i would so do it..thats why im currently finishing my pre-reqs and hopefully by the time we graduate the job market will be alot better! good luck! :)
  4. love_4_nursing


    im currently taking my pre-reqs for maricopa county. i just have to finish Bio201 and then i am ready!
  5. love_4_nursing


    i will soon be finishing my pre-reqs for nursing! yay! any nursing students have any advice for me?! like which schools i should apply too or how the whole nursing program works? any advice would be appreciated! as for me...i am a full time mommy/worker. BUT thankfully my job allows me to spend all day studying and reviewing homework and classwork! so studying for me is pretty flexible! which schools would you recommend?! thank you so much for your time! :redbeathe
  6. love_4_nursing

    should i even waste my time???!

    Thank you everyone for your encouraging words! I am going to pursue my dream and hope by the time i finish school i will be able to find a good job to support me and my son! Anyone have any tips for a soon to be nursing student!? :)
  7. love_4_nursing

    should i even waste my time???!

    hi everyone. im beginning my pre-reqs for nursing but i'm wondering if i should even waste my time?! seems like it is soooo hard to find a good nursing job (especially new grads!) i know i still will have 4+ yrs til i am a certified RN..but my motivation is lacking when i read posts about how hard it is to find a job. i :redbeathe nursing and caring for people and feel it is my passion..but at the same time i dont want to spend so much time getting certified if i wont be able to find a job in the end. just feeling bummed and confused!