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  1. gyuzeel

    10,000 + Questions & Passed 1st Try w/ 75 Q's RN

  2. gyuzeel

    10,000 + Questions & Passed 1st Try w/ 75 Q's RN

    :hrnsmlys Cograts....
  3. gyuzeel

    nclex rn 10000

    Here you go 20% off promo code wc16lbzz put in promo code box, then press buy now, it will reduce 20% good luck
  4. gyuzeel

    PASSED my boards!!! on 4th time

    :clpty: BRAVO YOU MADE IT.....
  5. gyuzeel

    NCLEX 3500/4000?

  6. gyuzeel

    how long does it take to receive your ATT?

    In my situation I was waiting for 45 days after registration on Pearsonn Veu, Then send them email, and have received next day my ATT. When you register on Pearson, they saying if you not receive your ATT with 4 weeks, call them up. Once I did call them, but they told me to call to BON for releasing my ATT. Instead of calling I send email, with my info and registration # on Pearson, saying PLEASE RELEASE MY ATT. Good luck
  7. gyuzeel

    how long does it take to receive your ATT?

    You can send email dirrectly to BON, sayimg that you have already paid to Pearson Veu. Put your full name and address where you live. Send it to nursebd@mail.nysed.gov. I did it already 2 times. Received ATT in 1 day, by email. Good Luck
  8. gyuzeel

    Pearson VUE ATT

    Hi, your ATT validation only for 90 days, not 365. Within that period you can choose the date of your exam. Good Luck
  9. gyuzeel

    PHARM for the NCLEX

    thanks for sharing with us :thankya: :thankya:
  10. gyuzeel

    I am a real nurse now!!! :)

  11. gyuzeel

    in need of SATA website

    and buy a book with CD, Sometimes they have wrong numbers in answers for SATA ( for example 1,4,and 5), but rationals are correct with explanations.I think this book is very helpful to understand clinical thinking. Amazon.com: DavisA for the NCLEX-RN Examination (9780803621879): Kathleen A. Ohman: Books
  12. gyuzeel

    in need of SATA website

    try this , they have lots of SATA MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service It is Lippincott 4000 cd questions
  13. http://info.med.yale.edu/ynhh/infection/welcome.html HERE YOU GO............
  14. gyuzeel

    How I Passed The NCLEX-RN (one take)

    :clpty: Congrats an d thanks for sharing
  15. gyuzeel

    NCLEX RN 3500 link

    It was really helpful link, lots of all that apply questions.....