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  1. Sarah215

    Just passed my RN boards!!!

    This is amazing! I think anyone who meets their long term goal def deservers it! Cheers!!
  2. Sarah215

    MDC Spring 2010

    Thanks you, MDCupcake for responding to my post.:) However, I found this information under requirements in the School of Nursing site: All Options are required to have no more than a total of three (3) grades of D, F, or W in the natural science courses for the program. All Options are required to have no more than two (2) enrollments (D, F, or W) for any individual science course for the program. I will go to the medical campus for further advisement. I appreciate the advice guys and I wish you all the best! I hope you guys don't mind me posting on this particular thread from time to time, as it is the most current with my situation. Sarah
  3. Sarah215

    MDC Spring 2010

    Hello everyone! I have just registered to this site , although, I've kept my eyes on it for some time. I wanted to get an honest opinion in regards of the liklihood in my acceptance for the Nursing Program at MDC. I have a GPA of 4.0 however, I have three W's(withdraws from class). I understand that one of the requirements in joining the program is having no more than 3 W's but will these 3 Withdrawls exempt me from being accepted? Any opinion is greatly appreciated! And also, congratualations in being in the Nursing Program this spring! :)