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  1. RaeRae11

    Fall 2012 Microbiology Students -- STAND UP!

    I'm on week 3 through Rio Salado, and just got back my grade on my first essays. I only 22 out of 30 points, darn it! I hope I can get everything that she wants in my next essays. That's a little discouraging, but I hope that her notes on what she would add will help my next essay questions. Good luck to everybody!
  2. RaeRae11

    Phoenix College BIO 201

    miteacher - is there anyway you can PM me with the name of your PC instructor that you liked? I took BIO 201 about 8 years ago and got an A- should I take it again because its so old? The nursing advisor at Glendale said she doesn't care how old a science is as long as you took it, but I don't know if the other community colleges in the Phoenix area care about the age of the credit. I hate to take it over if I don't have to!
  3. RaeRae11

    CHM 130 online at Rio Salado

    Thanks for letting me know, I had a great instructor for BIO 156, but the class was still really hard. I can't imagine a class that is already difficult with an instructor that is not the best.
  4. RaeRae11

    Anyone taken CHM130 at Rio Salado?

    Hi, I am gettting ready to enroll in CHM130 and am looking for a good instructor if anyone has any hints. I hate Chemistry, but by the time I finish my algebra class to take it, I would have to wait till spring to go through PC. Are there a lot of application essay questions in this class like in Bio156?
  5. RaeRae11

    CHM 130 online at Rio Salado

    Hi, I am just now getting ready to enroll in Chm130 at Rio and am trying to decide whicch instructor. I can't email yet since I don't post very often, can anybody give any hints as to who I should try to get?
  6. RaeRae11

    BIO 201 at Rio Salado

    Thanks! I feel the same as a lot of people on the essays, I feel like I spend so much time on them that I am missing some of the other info that isn't on them. I think I will do my spring semester at Rio then transfer to PC too.
  7. RaeRae11

    PC Bio 201 on internet?

    I forgot to ask, how are the tests at PC? Where do you take them? How many in-person tests are there? I like Rio, because the Avondale testing center is so close to home for me.
  8. RaeRae11

    PC Bio 201 on internet?

    How are the labs for PC online bio201? I am at Rio right now in Bio156, and like my labs so far. I took Bio201 about 10 years ago, so I have to take it over since it has been so long.
  9. RaeRae11

    AHCCCS Changes Ripple Through Nursing

    How do you feel this will affect RN's? Do you think they will have more to try to compensate for fewer physicians? Or do you think this will lead to more understaffing across the board? I am working on my prereq's now, its frustrating to think there may not be many jobs when I graduate.
  10. RaeRae11

    BIO 201 at Rio Salado

    I am currently taking BIO156 at Rio, and am scared of the BIO201 &202 after reading these posts! I think I will go to PC after I finish one more semester. Can anyone PM me with which instructors to avoid or who is really good? I have an A in BIO156 now, but the midterm was pretty tough, I can see how the instructor grades essays can make or break your grade.