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  1. Hot Lips Houlihan

    how to become a CNA in NYC while in Nursing school.

    It is different in each state. In my state you have to have the fundamentals of nursing classe finished successfully. I would google it in your state. You should be able to find out what the requirements are for exemption. Here is what it says for MI..... The following are examples of cases where an individual may be given an exemption from training: R.N. or L.P.N. nursing students who have an official transcript to verify current nursing school enrollment and successful completion of a nursing fundamentals course. Nurse aides with original out-of-state certificates/ registry documents that are current and in good standing on the state’s registry. CNAs with expired Michigan Registry documents that have evidence of working in a licensed/certified health facility within the last two years.
  2. Hot Lips Houlihan

    Getting tired of the "just a tech" tag!

    I would start chatting with the ones specifically who do this. I would bring up how one day in the near future you will be an RN and how you will show such appreciation for the Techs because you were once there Maybe they'll get the hint. Stand tall...good luck. You know yourself deep down who you are and what your value is. Too bad the nurses have to be that way.
  3. Hot Lips Houlihan

    I am giving my notice tomorrow. I have finally had it!!!

    Good luck Rosey. Sorry that you'd had to deal with co-workers like that. Their loss.
  4. Hot Lips Houlihan

    Having a tough time with my NAC course

    I know alot say the CNA course is easy. It is and most of it is common sense. I do agree there is so much to memorize and can get stressful when we are expected to remember 20 steps in a simple skill. I also understand about it having to make sense too, or it doesn't come easy to perform the task. Sounds like you are just a bit overwhelmed right now. Take it easy and do your best. You will be fine. You should be proud of yourself. I don't know many 18 year olds who would have the motivation and ambition to be where you are right now. Try not to compare yourself to the others in the class. Just because you're younger and have different life experiences doesn't mean that you should not be there. Keep your head high. I admire you.
  5. Hot Lips Houlihan

    Should I really be that scared/nervous?!?!?!

    I'm sorry about your mothers illness and passing. I bet you were able to help her much better with the CNA class under your belt. What a blessing. I'm in Michigan. I would make sure you get out the pamplet that we received and practice on anyone you can. Schedule that time in with someone who'll let you practice on them. I think it is normal for all of us to be nervous, but you need to build confidence. I believe the way you do that is to learn the skills really well. If you don't have anyone to practice on, then pretend. Say the steps out loud as your are doing them. Good luck! You'll do fine if you prepare yourself.
  6. Hot Lips Houlihan

    Taking Notes - By hand or by Laptop?

    I agree with RECORDING and WRITING notes. It is so helpful to go back and listen and reread the notes while a deeper understanding is acheived.
  7. Hot Lips Houlihan

    Please share your experience - Clinicals for CNA

    Hello, I'm taking a CNA course right now and Clinicals are coming up. Can you share your experiences with your Clinicals? Which skills did you use? Use as much detail as possible. Thanks!!