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  1. Melanie19877

    Unwise to get married?

    Just wanted to throw my opinion in. I have been with my fiance' for 4.5 years. After about three I felt the "urge" to get engaged and start planning a wedding. I have always wanted a long engagement. We have now been engaged for over a year. Once I started back to nursing school (still in prereqs) I realized now is not the time to get married. Although I already have the wedding planned we would be able to save money while I'm in school for the wedding and possibly for clinicals as I will probably not be working or very little. When we get married I don't want to have to worry about school anymore. I want to be done and the weight off my shoulders. I highly recommend a long engagement (at least 6 months). We are still learning things constantly about one another. It's normal and you will continue to do so throughout your life together. I see people my age married and having kids. In some ways I envy them but in another way I feel blessed to not be married or have kids. It can throw a wrench in things sometimes. Wait a little longer and make sure you feel the same way about things. Finish school. Have him finish his stuff. Don't let him quit because of you. He may think he won't regret it and he may not. But what if he does? Make sure he retires at the right time. Good luck with this and school.
  2. Melanie19877

    past chem takers

    Congrats! That's awesome! I too passed with a C and I am never happy with a C, but for this class I was! It was such a relief for me!
  3. My anatomy instructor uses basically all the same tests each semester. He has several different tests for each of his classes (micro, physio, genetics, anatomy) and they differ a little but not much. He has so many classes he doesn't really have time to make up new tests. He's the only bio teacher. I'd study your quizes, tests, and if you have end of chapter quizes in your book look over those. We also had a website in our book for pratice tests where our professor pulled questions from. It's to your advantage that you're taking the same instructor. You know how they teach and how they lecture. Good luck!
  4. Melanie19877

    past chem takers

    Chemistry was extremely hard for me. I barely passed the class and ended with a C. The only thing to do is retake it if you don't pass it. Try not to stress over it. It's just one class. Study more. I know that may seem hard since you said you basically lived in the help labs but you can do it. It's just one class out of the many you have to complete. You can do it! Good luck!
  5. Melanie19877

    please give me motivation

    I attend NSUS in LA. Our school only does our GPA by our core classes. Meaning anything that doesn't count towards our degree doesn't count towards our GPA. We do not have to do community service but it helps to get you jobs, possibly. (Has nothing to do with the actual school) I'm going for my BSN. I takes approximately 4 years depending on how many hours you take each semester. I have 1.5 years of prereqs and 2.5 years of clinicals. Don't feel so down about not finding out what you're wanting to do right out of highschool. So many people don't find out for years or they get one degree and then go to another one. You can find a lot of good information on this site. Look under the students forum also. Good luck on your journey.
  6. Melanie19877

    Nutrition Summer 2010

    I just finished this class. I found it extremely boring, and I love nutrition! The end of our book was a little more interesting but not much. It was an easy A for me. Keep up with the text and lecture and you'll do great.
  7. Melanie19877

    How are you celebrating the end of Spring finals?

    Just finished my semester last night. Not 100% happy with my first semesters grades but I know what I need to do to change that from now on. I have a week off before starting summer classes. Tonight I am relaxing watching a movie and ordering in with my fiance. Cleaning the house (glad to know I'm not the only one that neglects the house while in school) and going to gulf shores next thursday for the weekend only to start school again the following monday. Once the summer semester is over we will be taking my step daughter to disney world and then back to school! Short breaks for me but it keeps me in the routine of school. Good luck to those who have finals coming up!
  8. Melanie19877

    NP vs. PA

    I think it really just depends on what side you want to work on. NP is more on the nursing side and PA is more or the doctor side. I'm going to go for NP once I get my BSN. You can have your own practice etc. I looked them up quite a while ago. There were a few differences but nothing major I can think of right now. Do a Google search. "Differences between NP and PA" You should get a lot of info.
  9. It doesn't matter what order you take them unless your school requires it. (Which it sounds like your's does not) Anatomy may help a little with understanding phys but everything should be right there in the book for you anyway.
  10. Melanie19877

    What does it take to be a CNA?

    Like some others said there are some places you have to pay up to 1000 dollars and others that will train you or pay for you to be trained. I did my CNA classes in highschool. My license has expired. I regret everyday not renewing it. Yes it is the grunt work but you get a great experience. There are some nurses and LPN's that will let you assist depending on facility rules. Working with these type of patients is hard and rewarding at the same time. There are some that would be extremely mean, but when you had a patient that just wanted someone to spend time with and talk to it made up for all the bad (with me anyway) You learn so much from these patients. Medically, life wise, etc. You learn to have compassion, if you already have it, it makes it that much better. I worked in a nursing home on morning shifts. I loved going into work and seeing my favorite residents. It would definetly put a smile on my face.
  11. Melanie19877

    High debt but want to change careers

    I agree that the debt will be there regardless... so why not do something that makes you happy and possibly makes you more money. I'm taking prereq's right now and I'm working. When I get into clinicals that will be a different story. I hope to not be working, which means living off of one income. It's doable but I'd like to continue to live the life I live without any sacrifices, but what is life without sacrifices right? In the long run the only thing that matters is what makes you happy. I have a lot of classmates who get ticked off when our tests and assignments arent graded by our instructors. I have to give it to the instructors though. They lecture for 3 hours and then have other jobs normally who wants to grade all of those. Teachers are amazing and have a full time job. Like you said it comes home with you. Nursing is an amazing and rewarding field. You help people. That's amazing! Good luck to you in school. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Your kids will thank you and appreciate it later (verbally or not) for being a happy loving mother.
  12. Melanie19877

    First day of CNA Clinicals!

    Glad you enjoyed your first day! I took the classes to become a CNA in highschool. I was so nervous my first day. I thought I was going to hurt someone or be completely grossed out, but my experience was awesome! I have to say...those classes and clinicals made so many memories. Enjoy the experience. Get involved in as many things as you possibly can. You'll be glad you did, especially if you're going to get your nursing license.
  13. Melanie19877

    A and P Drama

    Don't be so hard on yourself. If you look around on this site and possibly look around on google you can find things that can help you. Do you know how you learn? Are you a hands on person or a person who can read something and make since of it. Do what works for you. If something isn't working try something else. That's the biggest thing I've learned. I'm a very visual/hand on person. I have a photographic memory right before the test (like if I know some questions that will be on the test I will "photograph" them right before the test.) Otherwise I have to be hands on and figure out a way to remember it. Someone mentioned memorization. That's great to prepare for a test but all of the biologies go hand in hand, you'll need to KNOW the information not just have it memorized. My instructor put everything into scenarios...it's not a definition test. A lot of people have trouble with these classes. It's not just you. You're not alone. There are some forums on here where people discuss there problems. If you come across them maybe they'll have some good tips. Good luck. Try not to stress. I know it's easier said than done. I cause myself anxiety if I stress so much and it makes things 10 x's more overwhelming than it should be.
  14. Melanie19877

    Chemistry starts tomorrow!

    I am in Chemistry right now. I too had that same thought process about this class. I'm doing okay in the class. I would recommend getting the cliff notes book or chemistry for dummies. They are both great books and have lots of problems in them. (Also you'll need a periodic chart) Make sure you keep up with all the work, don't get behind. It's hard to catch up. As long as you stay on top of things you'll do fine. Also if your class has tutoring sessions take advantage of those. Good luck!