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  1. S.Gettes

    I am looking for nursing school

    There are plenty of nursing schools around and how good they are really depends on their own records etc that i am not really sure of to be quite honest. A site such as http://www.nursingstudenttutor.com/nursing/best-nursing-schools-in-the-us.html has a fair bit there about some schools, i think that particular link is for the best nursing schools in the US according to that site, but that whole site itself has a few sections about schools. If that link is not as helpful for you as i thought it might be then maybe try http://www.nursingstudenttutor.com/sitemap instead and see if you can choose a particular area there to suit you.
  2. S.Gettes

    Obnoxious classmates that turn into great nurses

    Lol it is strange to see in nursing school that some students end up acting just like they were back in highschool. Many of them do change though and become really good nurses,they do not have a choice, they get out into the big bad world and have to take the job seriously, in nursing there is no room for stuffing around and certainly no room or tolerance for screw ups, they have to either shape up and get their act into gear or not work at all, most of them realise this and turn out to be great nurses, some however prefer to be lazy and somehow get away with it, doing not a single thing their whole shift, being somehow out of sight the whole time, and only actually doing stuff when the bosses are around, these people frustrate me to no end and yet never get caught.
  3. It is by no means my fault if a patient refuses particular things due to their own cultural or religious beliefs, get a clue and stop being so judgemental, go speak to them yourself and see what you can work out, i am not forcing anyone. If i do not answer the phone at home on my time off, after the one hundred times you call me, it is not because im not home, it's because i know it's you calling with the caller id and refuse to answer it because i just am not paid enough to have to deal with the drama you carry on with everyday and night. Stop killing the forests by getting all those trees down in order to make the paper for the mountains of forms that you insist i fill out, half of them say the exact same thing in just different damm wording! Do not talk to me with that "if you have time" kind of tone, like when you say "there is another patient i need you to see to and put somewhere, if you have time and space". It is not you asking me to do something and asking me if i have time to do it and a place for them to go, it is you telling me to find space and find the time, don't act so phoney, i can see right through you. I too want to be paid to sit around, drink coffee, attend imaginary meetings in front of the soap operas in my office on television and eat biscuits and cake and get paid for it all just like you do, so how about, just to mix things up a little, we swap for the day, i do nothing but laze about and boss you around and treat you like a slave, and you run around until it feels like the bottom of your feet can no longer feel anything stressed out and dealing with an overload of everything from patients to paperwork all whilst being disrespected by me whilst i sit on my big fat lazy backside in my office telling you to toughen up and it isn't that hard. Then we will see how you handle it, you'd be in a fetal position on the floor rocking back and fourth sobbing after an hour or two.
  4. S.Gettes


    It may sound like the same thing you would hear every day but i would say to you to just give it time. You have not been there all that long so you can not expect yourself to have nerves of steel already and to be immune to these kinds of sights and smells. When i was working on the maternity ward, the miracle of birth certainly did not seem that miraculous to me at first, actually it was quite the opposite for me, i thought it was awful, the sight and the smells i would encounter had me running out of the room and it took me a good four or five months to get more accustomed to it and for it to no longer bother me.
  5. S.Gettes

    Positive thoughts please

    I think that you will do just fine. You obviously care and have compassion for the patient whom you will be with, that is the greatest gift of all, your caring for your patient. I am sure that you will be just fine, you will know just what to do and after a few minutes with your patient i am sure that you will start feeling much better and that your nerves will begin to subside.
  6. There have been many times i have had to literally bite my tongue to ensure i did not say things that i so desperately wanted to say to patients and their visitors. A few of them were: *No i will not get you a bed pan so you can go to the toilet, you are able bodied, you are not bed ridden nor suffering any weakness, walking and moving about does not cause you pain, other than laziness there is nothing preventing you from using the regular toilet all on your own like everyone else on this ward can. *I do not cook the food, i do not prepare the meals, i do not prepare the menus which are available to you. You choose the meal you receive, not me, complaining to me, yourself or your visitors, will not get your meal changed nor will it get me to jump down to the caferteria to get you something that you want to eat, you chose it, you eat it, this is not a takeaway establishment. * Talking loudly to your visitors about me and the other nursing staff and how long it takes us to respond to your bell loudly enough for us to hear what you are saying about us (no matter how unneccesary the matter you are ringing it for is) will not make me respond any faster the next time you ring it. *I don't care if you have a headache or you feel queasy, frankly i have no sympathy for you what so ever, your injuries somewhat amuse me, maybe next time you will learn so that you don't end up back in here, injured from being pinned down by law enforcement due to being a public drunken nuisance, please take some breath mints and brush your teeth, have a shower, and get out of my sight, every pore of your body stinks of stale alcohol and being near you makes me feel sick.
  7. S.Gettes

    Is it good school for the future??

    In today’s competitive arena, there are a number of institutes with excellent track record of results during the previous sessions. It is very important when it comes to the big task of selecting where to complete your studies, to consider the results that the particular establishments bring with them. Good factors to consider include but are not limited to: The Institute holds Accreditation with a reputed University. The Institute is having many good reviews. The institute has Highly Proficient Faculty. Availability of Nursing Degree Education online. Support back up of the Faculty & staff. Feature of Virtual Class environment. It is located in the state you desire considering the convenience to approach. The top ten colleges for nursing degrees are said to be University of Washington, Seattle- University of Pennsylvania- University of California, San Francisco - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - University of Illinois, Chicago - Columbia University - University of Texas, Austin - University of Pittsburgh - John Hopkins University - Yale University. For the details in depth of these schools and their programs you can go to http://www.nursingstudenttutor.com/nursing/selecting-colleges-for-nursing-career.html it was just too much to put on here. Good Luck with finding the path in which you wish to take :)
  8. S.Gettes

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    I agree with something i came across, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): Though Licensed Practical Nurses have a smaller amount of training than Registered Nurses, they are working in all areas of health care. They work in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical clinics. LPNs perform some functions as monitoring a patient's taken as a whole condition, giving injections, taping vital signs, and relating dressings. They will also help patients with personal health and statement any handling reactions.Registered Nurse (RN): Registered Nurses do the job in about all areas of the health care career. They act upon many tasks that include: supervising treatments such as medications, performing assured medical actions, monitoring essential signs, recommending and at the bottom of patients, taming patients about medical circumstances and keep families up-to-date on a patient's status. Registered Nurses can concentrate in convinced medical regions. I think that in my own personal opinion LPN's do not get the recognition that they deserve, they are undervalued for the work that they do which is sad to see. http://www.nursingstudenttutor.com/nursing/type-of-nurses.html
  9. S.Gettes

    I actually like being a CNA - should I become an RN?

    CNA to RN in my opinion is a swap i think, from one end of it to the other, from being someone who reports to another to a person whom others report to. Certified Nurse Assistants are also known as nurses’ assistants, patient care technicians, home fitness aides, and home health assistants. CNAs are engaged in a numerous health care fields. They do the job in hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, and adult living homes. CNAs do a number of responsibilities that cover: monitoring health such as taping a patients temperature, pulsate and respiration, assisting patients feed, bathe, and dress, helping patients march, arranging patients rooms, place given that nutritious meals, answering patients’ call bells, and making beds. They may also help patients to examination place to stay and even assist with simple actions. CNAs report to a Registered Nurse. Registered Nurses do the job in about all areas of the health care career. They act upon many tasks that include: supervising treatments such as medications, performing assured medical actions, monitoring essential signs, recommending and at the bottom of patients, taming patients about medical circumstances and keep families up-to-date on a patient’s status. Registered Nurses can concentrate in convinced medical regions. In my opinion there is a decent difference between the two, and the workloads one should expect, but i think that you should just go with what you are yearning most to do. http://www.nursingstudenttutor.com/nursing/type-of-nurses.html is where i found a list of nursing styles that may interest you.
  10. S.Gettes

    Nursing vs Occupational Therapy as a career?

    I have not struggled between the two at all, never really did i consider occupational therapy as an option to be honest. In my opinion there is a huge important difference between the two. In occupational therapy that is what you are, an occupational therapist, that's it plain and simple. In nursing though there are many different types of nurses. There are Registered Nurses (RN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Licenced Practical Nurses (LPN), Critical Care Nurses (CCN), Travel Nurses (TN), Licenced Vocational Nurses (LVN), and all of these are different. For example, a travel Nurse is one who travels to different areas and provides small period support if there is a nurse shortage. They will pack in if a full time nurse goes on motherliness leave, throughout peak work times, if a nurse has a long lasting illness, or if a nurse is on a comprehensive break. There homework is for just a short time but they are extremely well paid generally speaking. Assignments usually go for about 13 weeks. Travel Nurses frequently employed in hospitals and therapeutic clinics. Employers will provide many benefits such as free housing and health insurance. And a Registered Nurse is much different, Registered Nurses do the job in about all areas of the health care career. They act upon many tasks that include: supervising treatments such as medications, performing assured medical actions, monitoring essential signs, recommending and at the bottom of patients, taming patients about medical circumstances and keep families up-to-date on a patient’s status. Registered Nurses can concentrate in convinced medical regions. If you would like to read up on other types of nursing please go to http://www.nursingstudenttutor.com/nursing/type-of-nurses.html
  11. S.Gettes

    Name a situation that is not your responsibilty...

    this is the best thing i have read up on this topic. irrespective of the specific area of specialization, a [color=#225588]registered nurse is expected to carry out some basic duties of a nurse and also uphold the principles of nursing. the primary [color=#225588]responsibilities of a registered nurse include, among other things, the following things: * treat the patients * educate the patients * educate the public about certain medical conditions and precautionary measures, and * provide emotional support as well as advice to the family members of the patient to ensure speedy recovery for the patient it is the responsibility of the registered nurse to take the patient and the family members of the patient into confidence and advice them the precautionary measures that need to be taken and the things that should be avoided such that the disease or the ailment is cured at a relatively quicker period and the chances of recurring that disease is negligible. the registered nurse should maintain complete record of a patient's medical history, the symptoms and such other related information, that will help him or her to diagnose the patient with certain tests and also critically announce the results. it is also the responsibility of the registered nurse to record the treatment carried out and medications suggested for cure, which will help in follow-up with the patient in post-treatment phase and also help in rehabilitation of the patient from the illness. the registered nurses can employ assistants under his or her control to carry out the nursing activities and also train the junior nurses, who, predominantly would be certified nursing assistants, or, in some cases, licensed practical nurses or licensed vocational nurses. it is the responsibility of the registered nurse to teach and train the assistants working under his or her supervision. no where in that does it mention the nurse being responsible for changing toilet paper rolls in toilets nor the other things people have mentioned, but unfortunately it seems that it is always the nurse who is the "fall guy/girl" for the blunders and stuff ups of others. let's face it, they'd be lost without us. i got that list of duties from here http://www.nursingstudenttutor.com/nursing/responsibilities-of-a-registered-nurse.html
  12. S.Gettes

    As a Nurse what are some things that make you sick?

    there are not many things that make me feel sick in that squemish way, but there is plenty that makes me absolutely disgusted. Such as injuries that i treat that are a result of domestic violence and child or sexual abuse. These injuries always disgust me no matter how minimal or severe they may be. Other than that i think that i have gotten used to everything else, although the odd bit of infected wound being drained, or abscess getting drained still makes me a little green for a while there, especially if it is a nasty case of infection.
  13. S.Gettes

    Where in the US or abroad are new grads being hired?

    There are always jobs around, especially for those who are willing to move around and find them. A site such as http://www.nursingstudenttutor.com/nursing/nursing-jobs-in-kansas-city.html may be able to help you in this or at the very least give you an idea on the types of jobs that are available in particular area. Many people that do say they are having a hard time finding a job in the nursing industry are having this problem because for their own personal reasons, the prospect of relocating for work purposes is very much out of the question. Since you however do not have this problem and are willing and able to move to where the work is then you should not have this problem and should be able to find a job in a very short period of time. I wish you all the best and happy hunting.
  14. S.Gettes

    Please Advise Me

    There are a numerous Nursing Education Schools both traditional and online in US, which either came into existence in response to lot of hue and cry about the present and anticipated shortage of nursing professionals in health care sector or old schools, who have upgraded their present nursing courses to Degree courses. It is necessary to know the background of shortage in detail as well as to spot Best Nursing Schools in US for the guiding of the intending students desirous of quickly complete their degree in Nursing Education. Finding the school that is best for you and suits your particular needs the most though can be a very big headache and time consuming. Perhaps a site such as http://www.nursingstudenttutor.com/nursing/best-nursing-schools-in-the-us.html may come in handy for you here. Good luck to you.
  15. S.Gettes

    Ugh! Had a Munchausen pt today

    This condition is not just what most people assume it to be, a cry for attention, it is much more than that. It is a serious psychological condition that this man is suffering from, it is draining on him both physically and mentally and not only does it damage his emotions and his mental state but also causes him to cause much damage to his own health and well being and his body all together. These people are not just drama queens that want a little attention, they can't help what they do, it is like they are posessed somehow to do these things and they don't feel right until they are doing it. He needs plenty of help from a professional with knowledge, training and experience in this field, without it you will be seeing him more and more, you can't turn these people away just because they caused it themselves, yes you may be frustrated to learn that he did it himself but at the same time, have compassion, think about how hard it must have been for him to do it, think about what caused him to do it in the first place. I'm sure he didn't do it because he got any fun out of it.
  16. S.Gettes

    Then shouldn't you know better??????

    I bet you they probably were not ever a nurse in the first place. If they were then they probably would have known that their daughter was just fine all along and they would know the demands in hospitals etc on nurses and doctors and would have understood the need for waiting. Hospitals work in the way that they treat the most urgent, life threatening and painful issues first, and then work their way down. If you are in there unconscious with a weak pulse of course they will be treated first before someone in mild pain with a sore ankle, and these sore ankles will be treated before someone with a slight sniffle or sore throat. The sooner people learn this the better. I think it is disgusting the way nursing staff are abused by patients and their friends and families. We are there to help them yet they treat us like scum, speak to us like rubbish, i for one will not and do not tolerate it. If i am harrassed by someone who wants to be seen i explain to them the patients that are behind closed doors, who can't be seen by those waiting in the waiting room, who we are working hard to try and save the lives of, and explain to them that they are in much more danger than those in the waiting rooms. When will these people learn that the world does not revolve around them and that we are hospitals, not take away joints where you can expect to walk in get what you want and walk out in a matter of minutes? The sooner the better.