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bailey27 has 2 years experience and specializes in med/surg.


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  1. Hi, I had a job interview for a clinic nurse position in fertility clinic yesterday. It is a very small clinic but everyone seems great. The commute is to DC M-F, about 1 hr -1.5 hr away, but then I can use metro which is not too bad. I was working as med/surge RN in the past (2yrs) and it is a very fast paced environment. I also afraid that if I take the job and work in clinic for a while then it would be hard again to get a job in hospital in the future. I guess my question is..Pros VS cons in this situation.
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    Hi everyone! I just need an input on what I should do. I relocate to VA in the beginning of January, I have applied to Inova hospital in multiple locations since the beginning of December. I think total count of applications are around 16 applications. Still to this day, all I got from them is not under consideration or job fill from their website. I have 2 years med/surge experience. I feel unwanted and unappreciated. I am a very hard working and overall quick learner. Does anyone know their process of application? How long does it take? Should I forget about working for them? Thank you.