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    Unsafe practice and board of nursing

    I personally know of a nurse who reported a FMC center to DHHS for unsafe practice, etc. If there was nothing there to find, the center could not be tagged. The center received an IJ it was so bad! The Area Manager knew who had reported the center because he reported them to her first without results. She then put so much pressure on him, he felt like he was having a heart attack. He asked to leave to go to the ER, they would not let him leave until they gave him 2 corrective actions. This is the same Area Manager who has all of the trouble with her centers. She is vindictive. I also heard another story where she reported a Clinical Manager to the board of nursing for not performing cpr on a patient that had been dead for almost an hour. 3 other nurses were involved and still kept their jobs. They were favorites of the Area Manager. 2 of the 3 nurses stood over the patient without performing cpr-but they lied on the CM stating that she was the primary nurse for the patient when in fact the CM was in another bay working as a pct when the patient was already dead. I also heard that the ED report stated that the patient died of natural causes but the AM was so worried about keeping her job when she knew that morning the center was short staffed. Give me some feedback on this guys!
  2. cimplyc60


    First of all, you have to have a credible RVP, AM. The buck stops with them. FMC in general probably is not a bad company to work for but you have to be staffed appropriately. Second, the AM should support you 100% without a doubt. Third, if there are bad employees in the center, GET RID OF THEM-THEY ONLY KEEP STAFF MORALE DOWN. Fourth, don't hire nurses with restricted licenses. This is a choice that they made...,to ruin their livelihood, keep them moving down the road. For heaven sake, don't hire the spouse of a Judge, they literally get away with MURDER! As the AM, YOU HAVE TO BE FAIR, NOT STAB YOUR CM'S in the back, make secret deals with bad employees, tell everyone's business, except your own. This is for starters.
  3. cimplyc60

    Can you really change a bad LTC?

    I think that this is virtually impossible. I most recently worked for a LTC company. They were actually featured as one of the best companies to work for. The DON origninally hired me to work 11-7p, she then changed her mind when she was suddenly short of a treatment nurse. I agreed to try the position. She hatched a plot to get rid of me when I started to find pressure areas as this interferred with her BONUS. Mind you, my best friend was the ED. I got severely sick and was out of wirk for 2 weeks. The DON was aware that I was sick. Upon my return to work, I was allowed to work all day till 3:30 in the afternoon. She then had me meet her in the ED's office. She started out by telling the ED she hadn't heard from me in 2 weeks. I produced text messages that I saved from her. Then she changed her story and said she hadn't heard from me in a week, she thought that I had quit. She terminated me after 5 months on the job, I had not missed a day prior to becoming ill. Check this out. She fired me for no-call, no-show, when in fact the supervisors were reporting to her on a daily basis, after they called me at home every day or every other day. My friend was in a catch 22. She couldn't intervene because she did not want to look like she was showing favoritism. Eventually, the entire facility learned what she had done to me and were not happy about it. They actually complained to HR about how the DON can't be trusted and how she confabulates and deceitful. I say this to you..... GET OUT NOW! The DON will be intimidated by you because you speak your mind and want to do what is right. My girlfriend's problem is that because she is the ED, she thinks that the DON should handle nursing issues. It is her business to make sure that the facility as a whole is running smoothly as well as to make sure that the staff is getting what they need in the form of continuing education. If you don't have the supprt you need now, pack you bag and go where someone needs and wants and appreciates you.
  4. cimplyc60

    An Open Letter to (Micro)Managers

    That's my dog. You go! Who has the has the Big Kahunas now!
  5. cimplyc60

    How much education to be a state inspector?

  6. cimplyc60

    How much education to be a state inspector?

    Michelle, I applied for an opening with the division of health and human services approximately 6 months ago and one of the requirements was a 4 year degree here in North Carolina. This would be a dream job, it just seems that this is the only sure way to keep patients safe these days.
  7. cimplyc60

    Sorry another ques. Was this write up justified?

    Michelle, I would have opted to give you a verbal warning and provide additional education to insure that this didn't happen again. Yes, the patient was exhibiting signs of respiratory distress but it sounds like both nurses could use additional education in this area. As managers, we have to make ure that we are not setting nurses up for failure and it is our continued responsibility to provide additional training where needed. Good question.
  8. cimplyc60

    Need Help

    Can anyone help me with navigation on this site?...I am attempting to access Run for your life...I have friends at this center who don't know what they just signed on for. The last manager was fired because a pt died there when shortstaffed but the other 3 nurses involved got a slap on the wrist. 2 of them went on to manage the center for 6 months til they could trick someone else into the managership. The other one was tranferred to another center.
  9. cimplyc60

    resigned did'nt get my unused vacation time in check

    I would try HR one more time, you know that agencies really don't like it when you leave them...but you may have to consult an attorney if that much PTO is involved