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  1. Iris Santana

    Levophed vs. Neo

    I think another situation which arises and plays an important role is products promotional events. Levophed may have invested in research clinical studies which have made quite an impression to the medical community. Either way Levo must be good . It has remained strong in the market.
  2. Iris Santana

    Please help my fix my resume!!!

    I would definitely lose the GPA and probably the dean's list and founders scholarship recipients. It is nice but I do not believe that it will really make a difference. It seems you had a pretty good clinical experience which is a plus . Do consider whether you remain confident with those experience as to recall specifics as you may be asked related this matter. I am not an expert in resume but I know that a lengthy resume is not a welcomed item on a desk . In todays world who has time for reading all that . You might consider summarizing your theoretical and clinical application instead of listing every experience. For instance bulleting that you were able to apply theoretical learnings during clinical rounds and feel confident that you will be able to continue to do so for optimal quality patient outcome .
  3. Iris Santana

    Nurses Say the Darnedest Things!

    We definitely say the darnedest things but in all reality so does every human being. I like the orders for free water as if it were really free and it is amazing they haven't started ordering the brand name waters and charging triple for the administration. I really got a kick from an order that said send poop . Did not even say where to or for what study? Try getting on the phone and clarifying that order. I work in the ICU and that unit may just as well be named ICU poop cause it seems like that is all you see. You know that is one of the main questions asked prior to chief complaints reason for admission and current clinical status . Is he/she a pooper? Nurses in the unit are really pooper scoopers. And the family are sure enough to seek you when their relatives are pooped even if you just finished cleaning them up. Thank God for flexiseals and zassy device.
  4. Iris Santana

    Not My Fault, But Worried Anyway

    You are doing fine. Relax and enjoy the ride. These occurrences are very normal . In the medical field we have to understand that it is a practice and as we practice we do get better. I am sure that the next time these situations arise you will be a pro but be prepared my sister others will arise.
  5. Iris Santana

    Factory worker one day ... nurse the next?

    Be anxious about nothing. Let your soul be at peace because you really have no control as it is God who is in control. We really can not do anything about the nursing degree promotion. Anyone going into nursing for money and not having the heart for it will either flunk right out of school or will not make it very far in their careers. Stop worrying. This is really out of your control. We might actually get some good nurses out of this and improve our health care systems. These individuals have a different background and experience which we really do not know if it will ultimately give us the acknowledgement that we rightfully deserve. Nonetheless there is a perfect plan by the designer and creator of our living quarters . Let destiny take its course.
  6. Iris Santana

    would i have enough experience after a year tooo

    Floaters usually are appreciate by most units because they would not have the help otherwise. It is important to always communicate with the charge nurse , be a team player and ask questions as needed without fear of repercussion. Floating is a great opportunity for exposure and the experience will be awesome. Critical thinking is important and if you have this quality then you will be alright.
  7. Iris Santana

    I don't feel like i did the right thing...

    You did great. You are a true patient advocate . It is fine to formulate a plan of care and have it fail. The important thing is that you tried your best to keep her from having to be intubated. We are there to monitor and assess the Rx plan implemented. We can not always expect that the patient will respond although we always want them to. Another nurse might have just wanted to go to the intubation and avoid the whole ordeal of monitoring and assessing that is the basic truth. Just continue to abide by your nursing oath and you will be alright. Do not care about criticism as there will always be that no matter what you do. People who will criticize you are just judging and they will be judged themselves when the end of times get here.
  8. Iris Santana

    Anyone ever heard of a policy like this??

    Unfortunately policies are policies. It is a major problem I suppose for hospitals to not have staffing on the weekend. We all prefer not to work on weekends that is a fact . In order to assure staffing institutions must have some type of reinforcement measure. There is nothing wrong with the policy. If every one was responsible and not try to play the system then it would not be an issue. Although these policies exist I am sure management does have to consider the individuals circumstances. This does not mean they will not have to work on weekends it just means that there must be some type of compromise between the employer and employee.
  9. Iris Santana

    A Question to Nurses and Nursing Students.. HELP ME!

    Depending in what area of nursing you will be working you may not have to deal with bodily secretions. You have to clarify is it upsetting to your stomach or does it scare you. If it is a phobia then it is a psychological thing. If it is upsetting to your stomach then you can always wear a mask even if the patient is not on contact.
  10. You know I am really astounded by what you are commenting. I strive to always give the up most quality patient care . In fact I know that my standards are above average standards because I work for God Almighty. I cannot comprehend how once relatives enter the institution they wipe their responsibility for there loved one. This is not the case with all but if a family member of mine were in need of personal hygiene who better to do so than you as a family for dignity maintenance. I see nothing wrong with caregiver participation so long as they are not disabled and will not be affected by caring for their loved ones. In fact I promote it since once their loved one is gone they may ponder back and say well I know I did what I had to do to make my loved one comfortable before they died and then they may live a good conscious life after.
  11. Iris Santana

    New grad and NO JOBS!!

    Not sure of your location or what your prior experiences are or interest. I have found that all it takes to nurse is having the theory and being able to apply it clinically. When I graduated I had a difficult time due to lack of past work experience. I ultimately ended working a little distant from where I lived in order to obtain experience. VA hospitals are really good about working with new nurses . So you might consider that. I ultimately left my first job after nine month in pediatrics and took on a job as a home health casemanager caring for the adult and geriatric population. It has been history since. I stayed in home care for about 7 years and was very comfortable although I had not worked in an acute care setting. I finally decided to go into the hospital setting after about 8 years of nursing in the community. Now I work in the intensive care unit. The key factor in obtaining a job is confidence which we lack during an interview when we lack experience. Practice your job interviewing skills and do not get desperate and consent to working a job you will not be content in. There are jobs . Try monstersjob.com .
  12. Iris Santana

    Inappropriate Tube Feeding widespread

    Many times it is not that family can not be educated. The prolongation of life is due to man's refusal of accepting mortality. In addition as nurses you have to be able to educate them without influencing the individual one way or the other. Everyone should be required to have an advance directive prior to becoming incompetent and those wishes should not be reversible by next of kin which I have seen occur.