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  1. GaFLNurse

    South Florida LPN needs help!!!!

    I'm an LPN working at an ALF in naples. Its gotten so overwhelming that I have decided to go back to school also thru a distance program.Hopefully while i still keep my job. (we are dropping like flies there!) There arent alot of jobs right now on this coast either. alot of my LPN friends are having to take cna jobs. its really sad and depressing. I almost feel like we are a dying breed.
  2. GaFLNurse

    Lpn-Rn Distance Program Naples area

    Hello All, I'm an LPN in Naples and am starting the college network LPN-RN program. Anyone else? I need some support and basically a buddy. I'm starting with the A&P. I hope this works! ~Lynn
  3. GaFLNurse

    Naples FL area Nursing Programs?!!

    Hi Jimmy, i'm an LPN in naples, it is a beautiful place to be. There are many options for places to work from a snf to an alf to hospice to the hospitals. Alot of my friends have gone to edison for the bridge program and have excelled. good luck and welcome to paradise when you get here!