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  1. Suggestions for Passing NCLEX-RN

    Yes I've already passed it
  2. NCLEX review options

    Good luck!! U got this, don't panic if it doesn't shut off at 75, just keep pushing through
  3. NCLEX review options

    I used Kaplan, uworld and Nclex mastery ... They were all equally helpful. I like uworld cause the questions were tough
  4. NCLEX review options

    Trust me I was you a few weeks ago
  5. NCLEX review options

    Calm down those are good scores ... You've put in the work, have confidence in yourself and get ready to reap the rewards
  6. Bad Pop Up and PASSED NCLEX!

    I was just drawing a reference and my Pvt was accurate because I did pass ...
  7. Bad Pop Up and PASSED NCLEX!

    I did it 6 hours after not 6pm
  8. Bad Pop Up and PASSED NCLEX!

    How soon is too soon?? I tried 6 hours after my exam got the good pop up and passed!
  9. NCLEX review options

  10. Bad Pop Up and PASSED NCLEX!

    I'm not in California
  11. June NCLEX takers

    Kaplan, hurst audio and uworld
  12. Difficulty Levels of NCLEX

    This post was helpful .. Looking back on my exam I knew when I went under the line and when I was above the line
  13. Taking my NCLEX soon and I am a little confused

    My scores were 50's at first then went up to 60's and 70's and I passed !!
  14. Bad Pop Up and PASSED NCLEX!

    Did it Thursday did the Pvt 6 hours after and got the good pop up, purchased my quick results this morning
  15. Just took my NCLEX...

    I passed !!!