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    Don't worry you for sure PASSED!!! I'm 10,000% you passed, start working on your resume STAT!
  2. Texas - LVNs not allowed to give blood???

    :coollook:below is a list i found online describing the scope of practice for lvns/lpns state by state.... state & scope alabama - may administer meds and treatments under the direction of rn and perform hemodialysis if rn physically present to s...
  3. LVNs in the ICU

    What hospital is this?
  4. Nclex-Pn Results

    I took the NCLEX-PN on 9/26/2011 at 4pm in Westlake Village CA. It shut off @85. The next morning i did the PVT trick and the GOOD pop out appeared and said "THE CANIDATE HAS PREVIOUSLY PASSED THE EXAM, A NEW APPOINTMENT CANNOT BE SCHEDULED. 1 week &...
  5. NCLEX PN Results 2011- HELP!!

    I passed!!!!!! From what i was hearing from previous posts i was expecting to get my results within at least a month! But to my surprise it took 1 week and 3 days to receive my results!!! And i'm in california! Next stop rn school.....
  6. NCLEX PN Results 2011- HELP!!

    hey guys the PVT works!! i just got my results today!!!! I
  7. NCLEX PN Results 2011- HELP!!

    I took my NCLEX-PN, Monday 9/26/11 @ 4pm it shut off at 85. went to the pearsonvue the next morning, and the pop out came out and said " THIS CANIDATE HAS PREVIOUSLY PASSED THIS EXAM. A NEW APPOINTMENT CANNOT BE RE-SCHEDULED" has anyone gotten this p...

    i took my nclex-pn mon. sept. 26,2011 @ 4pm, it shut off at 85 questions. went to the pearsonvue the next morning, and got the pop out that said "the canidate has previously passed this exam. a new appointment cannot be scheduled. waiting on my offi...