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  1. carberrylane

    Had a horrible weekend...

    So I had a horrible weekend... just so much and understaffed. I made a huge mistake and hung central line potassium on a peripheral line patient. It was ordered that way and the pharmacy sent it up that way and I gave it. I read our policies on it and there to me it was a tad confusing. Anyway, I am not sure if this is a big deal or not but I've never made an error like this before. After about 10 mins the pt complained of pain and I stopped it. The pharmacy called the next morning and made it sound like it was the previous shift pharmacists' fault but I knew better and should have double checked. She was fine.. it didn't effect her and they ordered oral K for her after that. I just feel so guilty. How do you handle situations where you make mistakes? I want to learn from this and will always double and triple check everything and call when I don't know something for sure.. Have you ever made a mistake like this before? Thanks for any input!
  2. So I am super excited to be going to nursing school in the fall... is there anything I can do now to prepare myself? I have been reading a little out of my friends last semester Pharm book... My classes will be: Fundamentals Pharm 1 Thanks.. any advice would be awesome!!!! RN to B!!! :)
  3. carberrylane

    Fall 2012 new nursing students roll call!!!

    Hi Everyone! I got my ACCEPTANCE letter a couple weeks ago! I will be attending Lake Michigan College RN program.. I am soo excited and super SCARED! I am a PEDS aide at our local hospital and hope all my experience there will make it a tad easier! CONGRATS!!!!! god be with us lol!