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  1. Ontario RN relocate to Arizona

    Hi. I am currently working on my Visa Screen just waiting on one requirement. A validation from my home lans which would take a bit of a time due to the delta variant shutting down government institutions. The AZ BON and Visa Screen are separat...
  2. Travel nursing companies

    wow that rate is different from what we have. but i guess it really varies with the state
  3. Reviews for Travelnurse.ca?

    Guess it's not for me then. Thanks for all the info!
  4. Pay scale for Altru/Grand Forks Area

    Well thank you for replying. At least now i have an idea how the rates are in ND. Thanks again
  5. Pay scale for Altru/Grand Forks Area

    I currently have 2 1/2 yrs if RN experience in canada..
  6. Reviews for Travelnurse.ca?

    Hi so im licensed in manitoba and so doing travel nursing requires you to be registered in EACH province that they cover (i.e. Alberta, BC, Yukon, NB, etc) meaning you pay YEARLY registration fee? Right? Then you would be paying 3000cad for registeri...
  7. Best agency for Canadian RN

    Right now im seeing travel nurse having a legit and inviting site.
  8. Career prospects in ND?

    It is low from what i know. I started with 26/hr but im in canada. I was just wondering to if they match your rate there in ND if im coming from a canadian province
  9. Traveler RN

    Where are you traveling at? All over US or there are only specific states?
  10. Can an American RN be a travel nurse in Canada?

    So you are doing travel nursing in US already? How is it going? How were you able to get there? Im doing my research. I am an RN in manitoba. I started with a 31/hr rate and now im up to 33 after 2 1/2 yrs and honestly ive never seen any US state ha...
  11. Want to hear from Canadian nurses who travel nurse abroad

    Okay so my friend has a gf in australia and he was applying since last yr i think but never heard from them. Im not sure if he applied directly in a hosp i gotta ask him travel nurse seems legit compared to the other canadian travel nurse sites i goo...
  12. Travel Nursing

    So your friends do travel nursing around NY state only? Im also considering doing travel nursing in the US
  13. Travel nursing companies

    Hi does anyone know the rates offered by the travel nursing companies?
  14. Canadian Travel Nursing

    Hi does anyone here have done/is doing travel nursing across canada only? If so could you give me an overview how it works? Like with the pay scale,benefits, assignments, seniority (?) vacation planning i did request for an application package from t...
  15. Canadian RN moving to california

    Hi i like this thread as it has infor regarding travel nursing and doing the nclex! stephaniern12 how is it going with your travel nursing? We would love to hear what happened and how are you doing to everyone: im a canadian rn but i have no idea whe...