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lindy333 has 23 years experience and specializes in ICU, ER,PICU,CCNR.

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  1. lindy333

    Agencies staffing potential Sparrow strike

    In my humble opinion... Sparrow Nurses and other staff do need to fight for those benefits..YES I am with you 100 percent But you can not realistically just walk out and not have replacement staff to take care of those patients. It is not a assembly line where they turn off the machine and stop making the product. Only so many people can be diverted to other hospitals. So strike but thank those replacement nurses for helping you out covering your patients so you can make your point!!!
  2. lindy333

    How do I get a Cali liscense?

    I am also in the process of getting my California License. The Confirmation Card is not available online only if they send you the application via mail. I sent mine with confirmation by the postal office of delivery so I know it was at least delivered to them. Iwas told that California is no longer a walk thru state and you can't fly out and get your license the next day. I send my application in three weeks ago and they still haven't cashed my check. I am unsure if my finger prints passed or if my transcript was good enough for them. So waiting patiently and if my fingerprints do fail I decided to fly out and do the live scan to speed up the process. Good Luck. I will post here when I do get mine and let everyone know how long it took.
  3. lindy333


    Hi Kelly I just signed up with Altres they are locally based company. Wondering if anyone here has worked with them in there travels. Chris
  4. lindy333

    2 week contract

    Very True!!!
  5. lindy333

    2 week contract

    That seem really short for a travel assignment...Didn't know they had them!!!
  6. lindy333

    quick "referral" request

    I am not sure about Clinical One but I do know that the market is not great in Michigan. West Michigan is saturated and most of the jobs are on the East side of the state.
  7. lindy333

    To travel or not

    My question to all the travelers out there, is the market as bad as some say it is? Am I foolish to leave a stable job in a prestigious teaching hospital? I'm torn and my decision changes on a daily basis, its driving me crazy! ANY input is appreciated! Last question, being that I have 4 months until I am able to start traveling, when is the appropriate time to start really applying and talking with recruiters? I am in the same situation and had many of the same questions in my mind. I am leaving a stable job but have made arrangements to stay contingent. ( I will fly back to do my contingent shifts also I can work there if there is a lag between my assignments). I will also share that I wanted to do travel nursing many years ago but then got married, life got busy with children and I lost my opportunity. Right now I don't feel like it is the best time in this economy but I am going to do it whether or not I make money because life is short, and time goes by quickly and circumstances can change in a moment. I don't want to lose the opportunity again. Hope that helps. :-)
  8. lindy333

    Adult CCRN?

    I love the variety of ages and diverse treatments in the PICU. In my hospital your doing MCC -SCC-CV-Neuro-Trauma CC all on the one unit and it is not sectioned off into separate units like in the adult world and the kids are way cuter :-). I will probably make the change once I come back from a couple of years traveling ( doing adult CC while traveling). Good Luck. Christine
  9. lindy333

    Adult CCRN?

    Hi Bryan I am also an adult ICU nurse who got the opportunity to cross train this winter to the PICU to help out with the higher census during the winter months and totally I LOVE it!!! I took and passed he CCRN ( adult ) and now am thinking about taking the peds version. I am pretty sure you need to have a certain amount of time in the specialty area before you are allowed to take the exam unless it is different from the adult CCRN. I find Peds to be a whole different world from Adults !!! Even after 20 years as a nurse I am amazed how much I need to learn if I intend to switch over and work with this population. Christine
  10. lindy333

    Am I being snotty?

    Certainly not being proud of your accomplishments is a good thing :-). I believe the reasoning for most hospitals for not having credentials on the name bands have more to do with family and patients requesting only BSN or higher credentials nursing staff. Our hospital rewards us in others ways ( by monetary stipends) for extra certifications, education, etc. If it really bothers you check to see if you could get a lab coat with those initals and your name on it!! Being proud of yourself for all your work is healthy and human!!!
  11. It doesn't sound very safe to me unless the patients acuity is less than ICU status. Sometimes we will get a few patients who are ready to go to the step down but there are not beds and only then do we do 3 patient assignments. 3 vents is not really acceptable in the ICU unless you have a designated tech/lpn/nusing assistant with you alone. ( not the rest of the floor)