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mum2kaza has 30 years experience.

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  1. mum2kaza

    Excepted a position in ED!

    Good luck......Hang on to your hat......It is a great ride....
  2. mum2kaza

    "Fired for NO Reason"

    i have been nursing for 30 years and I still have to look things up, ask questions... When I precept a new nurse I try my best to let them know it is ok not to know but please ask.....
  3. mum2kaza

    Fast Meal Ideas

    I do the same crock pot meals are great
  4. mum2kaza

    Not sure if it's worth it

    I was the Nurse Manager of the ER I work in for 3 years.... when I got to the point I could not take anymore I stepped back to staff and am very happy with my decsion....... good luck
  5. mum2kaza

    I have decided that nursing is not for me

    I have been a Nurse for 30 years in the ER I am just as passionate today as the day I started my first job....I make a decent salary....I knew going into Nursing the Hospitals are 24/7 so we have learned to adjust the Holidays as needed.... sorry I hope you find your perfect job....
  6. mum2kaza

    What do you keep in your nursing bag??

    EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!
  7. mum2kaza

    Looking for job as RN

    Call you local Hospitals to see about up coming job fairs. Good luck
  8. mum2kaza


    I graduated from SWIC when it was BAC I applied at several schools and took several entrance exams and was accepted first at BAC.. I appreciate the information since my daughter is looking at the program as well.. I wish you luck.
  9. mum2kaza


    I can tell you that I work part time on my weekends ff in the local Nursing home ( I workfull ime in the ER ) wanted a change of pace anyway staff is 1/2 of what I make at the Hospital
  10. mum2kaza

    Chamberlain College

    I have a friend whos daughter attends and it is very expensive and she had issues with credits transfering good luck
  11. I agree in Ilinois no SOAP notes unless you are an APN..... I used to triage for te Family Physician I worked for on the weekends and had standing orders to use.... That does not sound like it is safe or legal....
  12. mum2kaza

    RN (ADN) to MSN programs

    I took my BSN through university of Phoenix which worked well for me with working... They do not offer an online MSN/NP but Mizzou Does have an online program through Sinclair School of Nursing. It might be better if you get your BSN first. I had a huge amount of credits transfer to Phoenix.... Good Luck !
  13. mum2kaza

    Can i work as a CNA before I get my certificate?

    Look at the hospitals in your area. Better benefits and tuition assistance if you are planning on going on to Nursing School good luck !
  14. My daugher just took her test for CNA and is going for free since she got a perfect score. Then on to RN applications... Testing is a part of the whole picture
  15. mum2kaza

    Help Please! Super Frustrated!!!

    I am sorry about your situation. I live in Southern Illinois and there are lots of jobs.... I work 2 actually .... try the Health department
  16. mum2kaza

    New Here, need a little help Thank you

    Hi Thanks for the info I was a bit overwhelmed with the paperwork.....Nice to know it is easy.......