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  1. adriqj46

    Our Lady of the Lake College good or not so good?

    I don't understand what you mean? You are a graduate and become a registered nurse once you pass NCLEX. ASN and diploma are the same level and make the same money coming straight out of school. Honestly I wouldn't get caught up in the diploma, asn, bsn jargon. Diploma nurses have a better success rate for NCLEX 1st time pass rate, and are better prepared for the workforce. I plan to go back to NP school and there are tons of RN-MSN bridge programs. The possibilities are endless for diploma nurses! They require A&P at college level and they also require you to have taken chemistry at high school or college level I think. Hope this helps!
  2. adriqj46

    Our Lady of the Lake College good or not so good?

    BRG is a diploma program and your pre-reqs must be completed beforehand at a community college or university outside of BRG. Everyone at BRG absolutely LOVES it and the faculty truly cares about each student's success. It has more clinical time than most other programs and truly produces quality nurses. Anyone will tell you they'd rather hire a BRG graduate because they know they are prepared to be on the floor the second they graduate. Most of my teachers were available outside of school and I still keep in contact with them (by personal cellphone) I hear OLOL is not very helpful, the instructors kind of leave the students to "fend" for themselves, and the students are miserable and hate it. They pretty much have to teach themselves the material, and OLOL really only cares about the money. I know several current students/graduates from that program and maybe 10% said "it's alright", that's out of 50 or so students. I hate to even talk this way about another program, and should let you make your own opinion, but I really would hate for you to not know what you are getting yourself into! OLOL used to be "the" nursing school to go to, but that reputation has long passed. People who don't know any better still think it's the only school around. Good luck with your decision!
  3. adriqj46

    Our Lady of the Lake College good or not so good?

    If you are speaking of OLOL in Louisiana I would have not heard much positive about this program. I am a graduate of a school in Baton Rouge, and the students attending OLOL never had anything good to say about it. Baton Rouge General (my school, which is #1 in the nation as far as NCLEX passing rate..and really is just awesome), Southeastern Louisiana, and Baton Rouge Community College are some other respectable programs in the Baton Rouge Area. Good luck!
  4. Not at all! I just graduated from a diploma program and will be working as an ICU nurse. A BSN is more for those who want to go into management type positions. You can always go back and do your RN-BSN after you graduate. Good luck!
  5. adriqj46

    Dec '09 Grads, raise your hands!

    Thanks CrxTech! I wish I could take a little more time off, but we are in the midst of putting our house on the market and moving. Plus my husband got laid off and is now in school full time so I'll be the bread winner for a few months. I really am blessed because a lot of my class mates are having trouble finding jobs right now! Good luck to all of you!
  6. adriqj46

    Dec '09 Grads, raise your hands!

    Graduated from a diploma program in Louisiana on Dec 11th! Took NCLEX today..awaiting anxiously for the results. It cut off at 75 questions and I got the "good" pop up so hopefully that means good news. I will be working as an ICU nurse starting next week!! Yay!
  7. I took the NCLEX-RN today and got 75 questions. Of course like everyone else I'm anxious to know the results. I know after 48 hours I can pay $7.95 to get the results on the Pearson website. Do they take holidays into account? If so does anyone think I should still get the results on Thursday, Dec 31st? Do they post the results at midnight..or during the daytime? I've also heard you can find the results on the Louisiana State Board of Nursing (LSBN) website, so you don't have to pay the $7.95 through Pearson. Has anyone done this? If so are the results posted on the LSBN website after 2 days as well? Thanks. -Adrienne
  8. adriqj46

    Baton Rouge General SON?

    First of all congrats to you! I just graduated from that school on December 11th. I LOVED that program. It is one big happy family there and the faculty truly wants you to succeed. Everyone who goes through BRGSON loves the program and is so much better prepared for the workforce than graduates of any other program around. Dont let anyone tell you any different! I have a friend who will be starting class in January as well. Good luck to you and congratulations!! -Adrienne