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Sadhi1 specializes in LTC, Med Acute, Management, QA.

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  1. Sadhi1

    Colleges drop RN_BSN programs

    That sounds like a good idea, it appears much easier to get in a program once you have your RN. I really want my BSN and I love OU, the orientation was so organized, and the advisor were so helpful. I am going to attempt OU again when my prereqs are done; you never now. If that doesn't workout. I will consider LPN to RN at the community college level, there aren't many LPN to BSN, I only know of one and it is too expensive. I have quite a load to go, A&P, Micro and chem. What ADN program are you in? Is it going ok?
  2. Sadhi1

    michigan nurses

  3. What a great collection of resources. Thank you so much.
  4. Sadhi1

    My Papa. Why I Am The Nurse I Am Today.

    Thank you for sharing. :redbeathe
  5. Sadhi1

    Med Calculation exams

    It depends on the facility or type of dept requirements . Many do require med testing. Brush up on a few basic calculations just so you will be prepared. Good Luck in your new position.
  6. Sadhi1

    Dear preceptor

    I think preceptors forget how hard it is. Shame on them. " Nurses are still eating there young" shame, shame.
  7. Sadhi1

    I Made It

    Thank you for the post, it was so inspiring, and it reminds me of why I need to continue pursuing my dream.
  8. Hi, In at least 3 LPN to RN programs here in MI; budgets are affecting classes being offered. It is so hard to complete your RN these days.
  9. Sadhi1

    Colleges drop RN_BSN programs

    I believe budgets are hitting all over, I attended OU info session and for the BSN traditional, It was most likely that I wouldn't get in until 2015-16 That is crazy who can wait that long.
  10. Sadhi1

    Registering for TEAS at WCCCD

    Hi, What is included on the TEAS? Thanks
  11. Sadhi1

    skills needed---help please?

    Hi, Congrats on your new position. After working 10 yrs, mostly LTC and Rehab. My transition to in-house Hospice wasn't too bad. It took some research on my part, especially regarding family grief, medications, pain, and symptom management. A clinical procedual manual always comes in handy if you have been out direct patient care for a while. Hospice has it's challenges as in any setting, however, I have found it very fulfilling. Best wishes.
  12. Sadhi1

    michigan nurses

    Hello Michigan.....Sterling Heights here. Have a few questions? -Did you complete all your prereqs before entering excelsior? -Do they wave any courses for LPN's? -How was the admission process? -How do you like the program so far? What type of study material are you using? If would be great to network with you all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS....