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DesertwindRN ADN, RN

NICU, PICU, Peds, Pediatraic Home Care, Infusion
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DesertwindRN is a ADN, RN and specializes in NICU, PICU, Peds, Pediatraic Home Care, Infusion.

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  1. DesertwindRN


    “just document a note saying patient is alive”——too funny! Thanks, I needed a good laugh-out loud-moment.
  2. DesertwindRN


    Hugs to you. I really understand. I had an image of people coming out from hiding with their cameras and putting their arms around me, laughing, and saying “we were just kidding”, after a particular nightmare shift. We don’t get compensated enough. Thank the individual up “there” that we care so very much. “Time management” had nothing to do with that day.
  3. DesertwindRN


    FIRST day of clinicals. So sorry you had such a miserable day. I would not go out of my way to interact with this instructor in anyway except when required. Take slow deep breaths and shake it off. I was so stressed out during clinicals with a notoriously wicked instructor,(and she liked me!), that I had to stop in the ER before going up to the assigned unit and get a breathing treatment before I coded each day of those clinicals. The staff in that ER understood. Hugs to you. Keep us posted. You will survive. Keep your eyes on the prize.
  4. DesertwindRN

    No more lifting

    I do not know what experience or how many years you have been working as a nurse but at this time I do not lift anything heavier then an IV catheter. We have many choices and I encourage you to “shop around” until you find a good fit.
  5. DesertwindRN

    I HATE nursing school... Now what?

    Just study, take tests, check off weeks, hours left until the nightmare is over. You have received great advice already. Don’t get involved in personality issues with nutsey, unstable instructors. You are going into a wonderful profession, focus on class and clinic work only. The only way I got through nursing school was knowing there was an end date to the stress and the misery. I think there must be a requirement for some instructors in nursing school to be mentally unhinged and mean, not all are required to be nuts, thank goodness. Clouds parted, the sky was blue, birds sang, when I obtained that RN license.
  6. DesertwindRN

    Refusing a case in home care

    I suggest you find another company and perhaps a third. This gives you more choices. Maxim, in my experience, behaves just as you described. The whole purpose of the “meet and greet” is for both you and the client and in the case of peds pts, the parents too, to feel comfortable with you and you have just as much say as to which clients you choose. Maxim has very rude, totally unprofessional “men” in that staffing position who seem to believe we are part of a slave market. I had a fellow get so mad at me for not taking a Friday/Saturday case, evening hours, (which I don’t work), two large total care fellows, that he would not offer me any other clients and never returned my calls. I asked to be assigned another staffer (I think they consider that to be a criminal act, requesting a different staffer.) Later my phone was filled with messages from Maxim trying to get me to work for them, stating they had several pediatric high tech clients for me and could keep me busy. I never return their calls. There are great private duty companies who are wonderful to work with. Maxim is the only one that I have had such an experience with. Several times after the “meet and greet” I declined the case. No one ever, except for Maxim, showed annoyance with my decision. I used to work pediatric private care and the NICU. It was a nice brake from all the stress of the hospital. I loved working in NICU. I work pediatric and adult infusion now and love it and pick my clients. We have a lot of choices as nurses.
  7. DesertwindRN

    Home Infusion Questions

    RUN. Sorry, you may have a good experience if the staffing is appropriate at that particular facility. Great orientation. Treatment just awful with demands for outrageous hours. Many home care and Infusion companies take advantage of their nurses and work them until they crumble. No pay for all the driving expectation that you will see a set number of clients no matter how much driving is required between clients. The nurse manager I interviewed with and who agreed to my expectations as a non-benefited employee, quit just as I completed orientation. She left in tears because of disrespect and non support by the company. The only long term staff nurse quit and I was taken into the office by the new nurse manager, who had no experience in infusion, along with the staffing person who said she was going to take notes(stress building). It was the holiday season and they had no coverage for the holidays and they needed on call coverage and they had to get those patients covered who were being seen by the nurse who quit———-I emphasized that I was a part time non benefited employee and they leaned forward and said “but we have to get our patients covered and we have to have on call coverage”, pleading and pressuring me. I left that office with a full time schedule with on call and holiday coverage. The next day I turned in my equipment and quit. I love my job and I refuse to be punished for it. I have clients I have been infusing weekly for over eight years and next to the NICU, this is my favorite area of care. You may have a better experience with “that” company and as I said their orientation is excellent so take advantage of a fine orientation and remove the negative you have heard regarding that company and it may turn out to be a fine fit and if it doesn’t, you will have good experience while you look for another infusion company. Good luck and I hope you have a great experience.
  8. DesertwindRN

    Milage, Az HH CM

    That is twenty miles EACH visit that is not counted before they pay milage. I have worked HH as a CM before and know that you end up working sixty or more hours and get paid for forty------never will accept a salary position in nursing again. I loved the work and thought if I worked PRN I could make it work but then this company wanted me to comit to twenty visits a week------. Twenty-nine is full time. The milage was the last straw. I accepted on Thursday and on Friday remembered I had not asked about milage and called and was given the bad news. I really wanted to return to HH so I spent the weekend trying to make some sense of it all. By Sunday I wanted to vomit. On Monday I watched the clock tick for an appropriate time to call and decline the already accepted position--------tick, tick-------(nine am too early------that office is very busy with problems from weekend thought I------very busy-----tick tick------0931-----make call------------sat on sofa with blanket over head--( I am a NICU nurse, you know)----little doggies very worried about me-------by afternoon I can breath normally again.
  9. DesertwindRN

    Milage, Az HH CM

    I need to know if the HH companies are no longer offering milage here in the state of Arizona or if it's just this one company that I am interviewing with. This is a PRN position with expected twenty visits which kind of makes the PRN part a question. Milage is paid after twenty-five miles. Need information. Thanks.
  10. DesertwindRN

    Retirement from Nursing to Employment of Another Type

    WOW-------if I had not happened onto this site I would have "lost" it. I have "always" been hired after placing my application, sometimes within minutes. Not so today. For the past YEAR I have not even gotten an interview. And I wished I had not given my AGE. Really. Yes, age. I do not know why I did not know that AGE would be such a negative. I am the kind of nurse that other nurses and doctors request to be there for the birth of their child. On the UP side---------I am retiring in May, when I can collect SSI----------------------and I am glad I have been forced into this. I do not want anything ever again to do with nursing. After reading about all the RNs who graduated last May and still are looking for employment I got the picture. What a mess. And the hospitals doing everything they can to send people into the unemployment lines! Just an awful time to be in the hospital. They sent CNAs and LPNs out and told the RNs to get used to "bedside" care?????? Can just imagine the back injuries and poor patient care due to lack of staff. These were staff with benefits!! These were adult units not the units I worked on but what a mess. Big bucks is all they are after-------profit, not patient care. Hospitals and all of health care should not be about profit. Okay, I am on another subject--------sorry. Just so glad to have a place to share.
  11. DesertwindRN

    I'm trying nursing, but I'm hardheaded..will I last?

    This is someone pulling your leg.
  12. DesertwindRN

    Interview process at local hospitals

    Usually takes more then ten days for HR to get all the references and Hx back. Do not hesitate to call HR and ask when you will receive information regarding your interview. They will tell you what they are waiting on. Good luck to you.
  13. DesertwindRN

    forced overtime??

    Forced overtime is HH case management. No union is a great deal for these agencies. We give them our time and if you figure out your hourly pay with the hours you REALLY are working you will vomit. Sorry ----- We work it because we need the job and because we allow ourselves to be pushed around. And because we are givers we get had. Been there, done that. Just awful. Loved the job, loved the clients but the employer needs to go to jail-----------
  14. DesertwindRN

    Anyone try renewing their CPR online?

    Many companies will not accept cert done online. You need to check with your employer.
  15. DesertwindRN

    Homebound guidelines

    Good for you OP. This is typical fraud and is happening as we write. This is a typical patient found often in HH agencies and are often seen parimarily by LPNs and have frequent changes in case managers to keep them by the companies because they have daily (often) visits. Just awful.
  16. DesertwindRN

    New HH Gig.. Semi unsure...

    This is typical HH. You are expected to have experience and if you do have experience you do not need much orientation as these are stable home care patients and if they are not then they belong in the hospital. You are taking your lunch in the home during your paid time. You only have one patient. Some companies let you know right off how they are going to treat you. Some are just awful but if your only contact with them is during the initial orientation then you decide if the case is worth it. No over time is typical. Working in hospitals I do not get over time until after forty hours even is I work a fifteen hour shift. You have to weigh the good verses the bad and then make you decision based on your results. HH verses Hospitals= both are trying to get as much blood as possible without compensating you for the blood loss.