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DesertwindRN has 34 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in NICU, PICU, Peds, Pediatraic Home Care, Infusion.

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  1. New to HH/ Rant/ Advice

    Go to mirror and practice saying “no”.
  2. Does your pt/pts family love you like “family?”

    Strongly recommend that you give notice to your agency of your plan to change client care and ask that they not share this with your current client until you are off this case. I also agree that it would be in your interest to take yourself off this...
  3. CPR Training Online

    Check with your employer, most will not accept online CPR certification, but a few will accept this form of certification.
  4. Documentation

    “just document a note saying patient is alive”——too funny! Thanks, I needed a good laugh-out loud-moment.
  5. Documentation

    Hugs to you. I really understand. I had an image of people coming out from hiding with their cameras and putting their arms around me, laughing, and saying “we were just kidding”, after a particular nightmare shift. We don’t get compensated enoug...
  6. Pros, Cons, Salary In Agency Nursing

    No orientation, they have always been in a crunch and paying agency rates——————-they don’t invite you to the party unless they are extremely busy and short staffed. Travel nursing is different and some orientation is provided along with metrology t...
  7. Clinical

    FIRST day of clinicals. So sorry you had such a miserable day. I would not go out of my way to interact with this instructor in anyway except when required. Take slow deep breaths and shake it off. I was so stressed out during clinicals with a n...
  8. No more lifting

    I do not know what experience or how many years you have been working as a nurse but at this time I do not lift anything heavier then an IV catheter. We have many choices and I encourage you to “shop around” until you find a good fit.
  9. I HATE nursing school. Now what?

    Just study, take tests, check off weeks, hours left until the nightmare is over. You have received great advice already. Don’t get involved in personality issues with nutsey, unstable instructors. You are going into a wonderful profession, focus o...
  10. Refusing a case in home care

    I suggest you find another company and perhaps a third. This gives you more choices. Maxim, in my experience, behaves just as you described. The whole purpose of the “meet and greet” is for both you and the client and in the case of peds pts, the...
  11. Home Infusion Questions

    RUN. Sorry, you may have a good experience if the staffing is appropriate at that particular facility. Great orientation. Treatment just awful with demands for outrageous hours. Many home care and Infusion companies take advantage of their nurses...
  12. Milage, Az HH CM

    That is twenty miles EACH visit that is not counted before they pay milage. I have worked HH as a CM before and know that you end up working sixty or more hours and get paid for forty------never will accept a salary position in nursing again. I lo...
  13. Milage, Az HH CM

    I need to know if the HH companies are no longer offering milage here in the state of Arizona or if it's just this one company that I am interviewing with. This is a PRN position with expected twenty visits which kind of makes the PRN part a questio...
  14. Retirement from Nursing to Employment of Another Type

    WOW-------if I had not happened onto this site I would have "lost" it. I have "always" been hired after placing my application, sometimes within minutes. Not so today. For the past YEAR I have not even gotten an interview. And I wished I had not ...
  15. I'm trying nursing, but I'm hardheaded..will I last?

    This is someone pulling your leg.