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  1. cheezwhiz

    Is nursing a good degree to get?

    I heard new grads cant get a job with one is this true
  2. cheezwhiz

    Just wanting to vent .....

    i suck at cna skills too like no matter how hard i try, i cant make the bedsheets ever look as nice as everyone else does maybe i should quit nursing school :crying2::crying2:
  3. cheezwhiz

    My Microbiology Teacher told me I can't become a Nurse

    I dont see what working a microscope has to do with nursing. Was that "doctor" a medical doctor? And if so, does she have nursing experience? I don't see how the micro teacher is in a position to judge??
  4. cheezwhiz

    "Concerned" about MH teaching

    This. This is solid advice for all of nursing school actually. In my experience, instructors contradict other instructors, other nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, textbooks, NCLEX review materials, the CDC and other public health and medical organizations, and other health and medical references PRETTY D*** OFTEN. But whatever, just get through the class, I say.
  5. cheezwhiz

    students who don't seem to study and do so well

    lol. awesome post. awesomer classmate. hows tastes that haterade?
  6. cheezwhiz

    Anyone else hate group projects?

    didnt read much of the original post...but just wanted to say i hate all group projects with a passion!!!
  7. cheezwhiz

    Which topics in microbiology are the most useful in nursing?

    basics of chain of transmission and aseptic technique are pretty much all you need. detailed understanding of different microorganisms and their relevance to disease may be nice to know but really amounts to icing on a cake.
  8. is what? is it because in some hospital somewhere (not anywhere i or anyone i know of has worked at or done clinicals at, of course) staff nurses regularly give researched presentations to seated audiences of 20-30 people? is it to give teachers a break from teaching? is it because of some arbitrary rule by some governing board somewhere? somebody explain it to me please because i don't see the point.
  9. cheezwhiz

    Difference between subacute rehab and TCU

    don't know the proper answer, or if there is one, but i've done clinicals in a tcu and a subacute hospital (not subacute rehab as far as i know). from what i saw, the stay in subacute tended to be longer, like years usually, and there tended to be more trachs and ventillators. in the tcu, i saw pts leaving within days to weeks. again, just my limited experience in two facilities.
  10. cheezwhiz

    Classmate making me feel uncomfortable.

    ok i change my mind. "wah. the classmate i dont like talked to me once. wah." off with his head! but seriously, in effect that is what's happening...
  11. cheezwhiz

    Classmate making me feel uncomfortable.

    reporting something in writing based off of one whole incident seems a little quick
  12. cheezwhiz

    Total Lab/Clinical Hours in different nursing programs

    try looking at state BON requirements. just a wild guess, but i bet most nursing programs don't go too far above and beyond the min requirements (if at all) btw i dont know my programs requirements. theyre prbly in the handbook or something...but meh...srry!!
  13. cheezwhiz

    Clients? Are they no longer patients?

    Hmmm interesting. An attorney's $$s pay for legal advice. My financial advisor and stockbroker friends's $$s pay for financial services/advice. My banker cousin's $$s...that's right they pay for banking services/advice. My loan officer roommate's clients? There's a pattern here can you spot it? Yes, it is a "commercial" transaction. Sure, we can pretend to forget about dictionary definitions (client = customer paying for goods/services). Let's also forget about common usage of the word while we're at it (pretty much same thing btw, client = customer). Let's just ignore the "commerce" aspect of it and say that these $$/customers statuses have "NOTHING" to do with money or "commerce" also. We can ignore the obvious and say they are also "being active participants who are consulting with professionals." There, I can ignore the obvious too. Yay me.
  14. cheezwhiz

    Clients? Are they no longer patients?

    It's true. The new literature refers to pts as clients. In keeping w this commerce focus, I suggest the new standard abbreviation for client be $$. Example: $$ requests gourmet coffee w/ 10 packs of sugar for all meals.
  15. cheezwhiz

    males vs females as new RN's.

    i dont see why not. per his user name, i would guess he went to LPN school. aren't those programs @ 1 year long? i.e., graduate HS @ 17 or 18 and get the LPN license 1-1.5 yrs later @ age 18-19.