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  1. rhellner57

    The Difference Between Approval and Accreditation

    Program needs to be accredited if you want to proceed with advanced degrees.
  2. rhellner57

    Disturbing Conversation on Overweight Healthcare Workers

    I feel that some of these nurses need to get an understanding of what it may be like to be overweight and not be shaming. If you haven't walked in their shoes then be respectful of them. I am considered overweight and yet , I often see myself working circles around some younger nurses who are "tired" " got no sleep because baby" " this is my 6th shift in a row, I am tired" and I can go on. All of us have different metabolisms, habits, and challenges and unless you are a direct clone, you would not know which it is. It has been studied that night nurses tend to have more difficulty losing weight related to day sleep, mindless eating to stay awake and activity that goes with their shifts may be more low key ( of course depending on staffing and type of unit). Please any co-workers who want to shame another, think back to why you are a nurse.
  3. When I graduated from a diploma program, getting my BSN was most distant thing from my mind. Over the years , I waffled between getting a higher degree and continuing doing what I loved; labor and delivery, mother/baby care. I took a few classes periodically but when the money became tight, would take time off. As a traveler, I was encouraged to pursue a degree and financially was assisted in a great way. I recently graduated from an on-line program taking 1 class every 8 weeks over nearly 3.5 years. I can say that there was a few classes that were eye-opening and beneficial is advancing some of my nursing skills but the majority of the courses were not going to change the way I already care for my mothers and babies: with personal compassion for their comfort and care. Most of these classes taught me how to write a good paper and how to fit working, adapting to a new travel assignment, participating in family activities etc. managing myself while excelling in my classwork ( by the way I did graduate with honors at age 59). Necessary, maybe for a great opportunity in the travel field, required to be a good, caring, compassionate nurse - not so much.
  4. rhellner57

    Disturbing Conversation on Overweight Healthcare Workers

    I would hope that this is not real but I have been a nurse for many years and have not heard blatent comments or witnessed discrimination related to weight. I am overweight and many times have attempted to lose weight and presently have lost a number of pounds only because at my top weight, I felt winded if having to run for an emergency and want to be able to physically meet the demands needed to the best interest of my patients. I have seen some nurses eat themselves into early retirement or disability and have heard and seen jokes that depicted a very large, sargent like nurse and a patient that is quaking in his bed etc. This day and time, with discrimination and bullying on the forefront of lawsuits etc, I would think that most would not relate weight issues to the ability of doing their job
  5. rhellner57

    My husband doesn't want me on ALLNURSES

    this one was to another question I saw about nurses eating their young and maybe it was within some of the comments here too
  6. rhellner57

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    I am not sure of where you are at, your family situation or if you could pick up and move but many states especially midwest with many rural and critical access facilities, rural or facilities located in areas of great disparity (maybe even your state) or even starting in a local nursing home/extended care or even veterans or Indian reservation hospitals, have programs that offer reimbursement for your education to begin your practice, get some experience and then see how many doors open for you. Also I advise getting into a medical surgical unit and keep the ICU, ER, OB until after you have spread your wings a bit.r
  7. rhellner57

    My husband doesn't want me on ALLNURSES

    at least you didn't say "old" nurses eat young. I have had some real great discussions while obtaining my BSN on this subject and most of my colleques know exactly how I stand. I try to help the newer nurse but they must be willing to understand the reasons behind how I do things too. We all have to do the critical thinking that it takes to be a good team. I learned it as team leading in the diploma program as well as the many hours in direct patient care and the writing and rewriting care plans while newer nurses have a new avenue to learn there roles as nurses. The older nurse has endeavored to advance as times have changed while many of the newer nurses have grown up with computers and are definitely more versatile with them - we are in this together and need to share expertise. By the way, recently, i have seen more newer nurses chewing on other newer nurses and belittling each other than the other way around. As a traveler, I often see the challenges felt since I am often the new kid on the block and temporary at that.
  8. rhellner57

    My husband doesn't want me on ALLNURSES

    Tell him that many people have reservations about open sites but with AllNurses, I have felt that I can express or respond to situations that make a difference in my career. As long as we stay respectful to each other, I don't see a problem. There are many other avenues that are not nearly as respectful, many of which I just pass over their comments, don't respond to but let them vent in their way.
  9. rhellner57

    0200 BP's - Dealing with Tired Rude Doctors

    I am not stammering out a response was adequate. In defense of the doctor, she needed her facts in a row, direct communication is what is desired and needed especially when you wake a doctor in the night hours. I agree that she needed to report these changes in patient status, did she address pain issues, anxiety or other factors that can affect status. Could she have employed a rapid response to assist her before calling, have a good SBAR for communication reporting what, why (situation, background and assessment) and directly asking what she wants the physician to do (response) that she feels would best take care of the patient before additional problems accelerate.
  10. rhellner57

    Should I leave this racist town?

    Having just finished a college credit course in Sociology, I find that these co-workers are culturally inadequate and insensitive. I agree with the respondent that states your needing to go to management with your concerns and then I would be open that the comments being made are not acceptable making these co-workers realize that you are not a pushover or doormat. I wish you the best and try to maintain your composure before I would jump ship and run.
  11. rhellner57

    Abdominal binder question

    I have worked in facilities that use them faithfully as well as facilities that do not like them. Personally, I find my mothers more willing to move in bed and get up sooner with them on. In some places they are put on the bed as the pt is transferred from OR table to bed across the entire abdomen. I have never seen any problems with irritation or heard complaints. Some cultures insist on using a girdle, even with vaginal deliveries, for additional abdominal support following delivery. The abdominal binder is easier to remove for abdominal assessment but either are there for support.
  12. rhellner57

    VENT about getting cancelled....

    there are not a lot of facilities that I know of that want or invite professional nurses to be a part of union. I worked for 1 facility but there were still issues. I work contract and like many I often get to work. I try to not allow a cancellation clause to be put into the contract since the challenge I faced one other time, however, this present contract has it in again and I missed it. Last week they put me on call 2 of my three shifts. I was disappointed with them even though up to now I felt we were working together nicely. I was able to make up the shifts since it is a holiday weekend and we were busy and low staffed. I have a travel company behind me and hopefully this was 1 charge nurse's way of power struggle with the upper management and it won't continue to be an issue. I feel for the fulltime staff and feel that we all can rotate on call or LC'd or work in other areas. I am not cross-trained but willing to work as a sitter or aide where I can be helpful
  13. take one contract at a time. If you like your recruiter and the company ,it benefits all of you. I enjoy traveling and my theory is; if I like where I am at and you offer an extension, ok if not I can leave without all the hoopla. Same goes for the companies I have worked with - I can take a second contract or search for someone that I feels is a better fit for me
  14. I work for Medical Solutions and love the way that they take care of me. I have worked for others but usually find them good for a contract or two then they tend to forget that I am out there working for them, or they merge with a larger company and I become a number. I do not like larger impersonal companies. In Florida are several based in Boca Raton area but can't remember exactly which ones
  15. rhellner57

    Hospital ended contract abruptly

    I was working in Guymon, Ok in labor and delivery. All reports that I was getting as well as my company were positive, however, the hospital was having some financial problems and had not paid my company for the hours I had worked for several months. Went home for a visit in May, returned to the area so I could work Thursday night and was informed on Tues that the contract was going to be changed ( had signed an extension in March that would have taken me through mid-Aug and they wanted to shorten it to mid June with possible extension that would take me the additional 8 weeks). Wednesday the head of HR called the company and cancelled the contract totally. I have waited a while to post because I was disappointed and angry at the situation. I am pleased to say Medical solutions worked quickly and I am in a great facility in northern Arkansas.