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  1. sooo glad to hear things are going better!! and i totally agree with the frost quote....even though it may not always feel like it, we gotta keep reminding ourselves!!!
  2. nygirl1986

    So,which states ARE hiring Nurses?

    I'm in New York (not city) and I still see openings all the time....I didn't even know they WEREN'T hiring in some states.
  3. nygirl1986

    I am sad, I am numb, am I burned out?

    uggh isn't it awful what us nurses have to go through sometimes?? i have never been through a situation like that....but when i was in nursing school i'll never forget, i was taking microbiology over the summer. i worked my butt off for months and really needed to do well on the final...meanwhile my grandpa had been really sick (he was in hospice and we did know he was probably going soon).......i'm studying for my final and at 8pm the night right before my final my mom calls me and lets me know my grandpa passed away. sick part is, i didn't even cry. i think nurse's have that switch that they just turn it off when they know that they just can't deal with real emotion right now, and that's exactly what i did. i knew, like you, that there was work to be done and unfortunately, life happened at a really inconvenient time (doesn't it always?). i did grieve in due time, and i did pass the final, thank god! i think you handled the situation correctly though...i mean as sad as it may sound, there was other people that needed you then and you were doing the selfless job of nursing where you put others before yourself. make sure you take some personal time for yourself and really keep things in perspective, it's probably been a really rough time for everyone and you just need to deal with it in your own way. good luck to you :heartbeat
  4. nygirl1986

    Cried at Work...& Investigations

    yeah i agree with the last post! you know you didn't steal the meds or do anything wrong, so don't stress over it! someone obviously is guilty and in the end the truth always comes out! you didn't do anything wrong by having a prn prescription of xanax, just let them know that for sure before you get investigated and i'm sure it will all turn out fine!
  5. funny you should ask that, a few weeks ago i had a resident who was discharging a patient and he forgot to write one of her scripts, so i had him paged and let him know he needed to come back up the floor and write it out and sign it so she could go on her merry way. he asked me if i could just get the pad out from the med room and do it myself. i'm a new grad who isn't even off orientation yet, so i asked the charge nurse and she was outraged that he would even ask me lol moral of the story is, that is the prescriber's job!! it's definitely not your responsibility to do it, pretty much it's just them being lazy.
  6. nygirl1986

    Am I being snotty?

    Nope, it's not snotty at all!! I was thinking the same thing....a girl who started at the same time as me has it on her badge...I just havn't been motivated enough to go down to HR and ask them to change mine yet haha
  7. uggh i'm so sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time after this first negative job experience! first of all, like many of the other posts have probably already stated, take a deep breath and stop blaming yourself. you are a human, and we all definitely make mistakes and guess what? we're going to make a lot more! lol. i myself just graduated in may of 2009 and work in a stepdown unit at a hospital and you are definitely not alone! i have not had the exact same experiences, but i agree that the paperwork/orders/family stuff is very overwhelming! i'm the type of person who needs to do things over and over and over again until it's drilled into my head, so trust me, there have been several times when i got home and realized i forgot to chart something, sign something and what have you. and guess what.....i was extremely anxious and upset too but at the end of the day, is it really that big of a deal? no. and to be honest, i think you were treated unfairly. especially the inr of 7 and people still giving coumadin. this was not your fault at all!! sure, you may not have done the paperwork properly or whatever the problem was, but it's not your responsibility to make sure the person who worked after you who obviously doesn't know the very basics about nursing doesn't make these type of errors! second of all, as far as the family is concerned, i have bad news for you. families are always going to be crazy, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this. nine of out of ten patient families are going to be so thankful for everything you do for them then i promise, you will always have the one who makes you want to quit your job and change professions. just breathe and try to put it behind you. to me it sounds like the environment you were working in is terrible. three weeks orientation for a new grad and you're expected to know everything? i don't think that's fair, or safe. you mentioned that they have a high turnover rate for nurses, so it sounds like they were trying to push you through your orientation to solve some sort of staffing issue, they was their own fault in the first place!! i work in a hospital on a step down unit, but my orientation was 16 weeks long, and even that sometimes didn't feel like enough!! you need to find an environment that is understanding and patient, and this place is not it. if you ask me, they did you a favor by firing you. i know it's easy to get overwhelmed with everything, because it is always going to be stressful when you're working with people's lives and starting a new profession, but it will be okay, trust me. from the sounds of it, your heart is definitely in the right place and i always believe that in the end, it will always work out okay for you as long as your heart is in the right place and you know deep down you have always tried to do the right thing for the patient. good luck to you, it is definitely not the end of the world, and i promise one day you will look back and laugh at all of this!! (probably not today or tomorrow, but someday lol) good luck to you!! keep us updated :heartbeat
  8. nygirl1986

    Who came up with the idea of 12 HOUR SHIFTS?

    ohh i'm sorry to hear that there may be some medical reasoning behind it!! honestly, it might just be a matter of you having to get used to it?? maybe you will love it then! i'd say most people are not used to working 12 hours straight, esp in a hospital setting, so i would give it a little time and then, if it's really affecting your health, you may have to decide something else?? also, this may be a little controversial and i'm not sure if this would be contraindicated with your health problems but i recently read that doctor's now can prescribe provigil (previously only a narcolepsy drug) for people who have difficult with night shift and doing that type of shift work. like i said, i'm no doctor and i'm not sure how many people actually do this, but who knows, it may be of some help you to??? i have read several reports on the internet of people successfully using it for this, so maybe it is something to look into?!
  9. nygirl1986

    Who came up with the idea of 12 HOUR SHIFTS?

    i love 12 hour shifts!!! to be honest, the day totally flies by for me, if you get tired throughout the day go to the cafeteria and grab a cup of coffee or something maybe?? i can't see how someone would possibly be less tired having to work 5 days out of the week as opposed to three. even if you are tired those three days, you have 4 guaranteed days off so catch up on your sleep then?? like a few of the other posts said, if it bothers you that much just get a job that offers 8 hour shifts i guess???
  10. nygirl1986

    Forced Bath's is this taking away a patients rights?

    yeah getting written up for one missed bath definitely seems a little extreme. if the patient refused the bath, the cna should probably have let the patient know she would give him time to rest and watch tv and would try to come back later. if he refused again, i would have went to my charge nurse or manager and let them know that this patient was refusing a bath numerous times, at least to cover her own butt.
  11. nygirl1986

    Need some help translating!

    Honestly, I would ask your instructor or another nurse on the floor and write them down. There are a ton of abbreviations and the only way to really remember them is from seeing them over and over, I just started in September and half of the things i see I still don't recognize either!!
  12. nygirl1986

    White Boards

    lol i had to laugh when i read that some people put years of experience because i did just graduate in may of 2009 and only have been working on my unit since september. my orientation is ending this week, and i definitely don't want to go into a room to inform a patient's family that it's my first day alone on the floor!! haha on our white boards....the aide will usually write the date and the name of the aide and the nurse, that's about it
  13. nygirl1986

    Orientation extended...

    Orange Tree I was thinking the exact same thing! There is really no way to know if you "barely" passed, and if it's true that this new grad really did "barely pass" nursing school as well, I highly doubt she is going around her unit advertising that, so maybe this woman is just being a little bit bitter that someone younger with less experience is having a shorter orientation than her. That being said, it's also true that they may be pushing her along because of staffing problems with the night shift. At any rate, I think that it's usually in people's best interest to just worry about themselves and not look at other people as a comparison because it's always going to drive you crazy, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and at the end of the day, I'm sure they're both great nurses.
  14. nygirl1986

    Orientation extended...

    I have to say that in this situation, it doesn't really seem fair to throw the new grad under the bus. I graduated in May of 2009 and started working in the hospital in September. Orientation for us was 16 weeks long, and I had never had a job in the hospital before (I was bartendering up until about 2 weeks before I started my job as an RN). Just because the new grad asked "stupid" questions doesn't mean she's not really ready to be on her own, in my opinion. Every single day I go to work and ask a million and one questions about charting, what something stands for, even after 4 months of being there I see abbreviations and other things I have NO idea at all what they mean. And they are sometimes pretty "stupid". One example is when someone had a diet ordered and it said NCS, I had no idea what that was, and they had to explain that abbreviation means no concentrated sugars. There's also a bunch of meds I'm still not always sure why they are ordered for my patient. And I don't think I'm a bad or incompetent nurse at all, there is just no way that someone who has never worked in a hospital is going to know every single abbreviation in the charting or every single med and why it's ordered, being a new nurse, these things come with the territory. Everyday is a new learning experience for me and I have learned a great deal from my preceptor.... I think my point is you may not have the full story about your friend who has more experience. The hospital obviously does not feel she is ready for a reason, and she shouldn't take offense to it. You're never too old to keep learning, so hopefully she just uses this as a learning experience and keeps on going. Good luck to her.
  15. nygirl1986

    New grad got fired, help

    Honestly, the truth always comes out in some way and you're going to look a lot worse if you get caught in a lie. Saying it was a bad fit isn't exactly a lie, but in the future, use this as a lesson. I don't want to sound mean but your babysitting issues really aren't your employers or patients problem. If you take on a job as a nurse (or any position for that matter), you're giving your employer your word that for the shift you're scheduled, they are your only priority! I don't think it should affect you in your future job searches, just don't do it again in the future I'd say!! Good luck!
  16. nygirl1986

    My Mom just passed.....

    First of all, I'm very sorry to hear about your mothers passing My mom is still living so I won't even say I know what you're going through, but you will get through it!! Second of all, I'm sooo sorry to hear about your past. You have had to endure a TON of really awful stuff that no one should ever have to go through!!! I always think it's so heartbreaking when children are abused in any way because it's NEVER their fault and I feel like they are always conditioned to feel like they did something wrong, which I hope is not the case with you!! People need to grieve their own way, at their own pace and you should never feel bad about this. I don't think you were selfish at all to have handled your business the way you did. Sometimes, we owe it to ourselves to think about US. Often times it's the people that are the closest to you that act as anchors in your life and bring you down, and there is nothing wrong with distancing yourself from those type of situations, even if it is just for a certain amount of time, to focus on YOU. I'll never forget my 3rd year of nursing school I took microbiology over the summer for 8 weeks, almost 5 hours a day, it was awful! I was studying like crazy, and I was preparing for my final exam. The night before my final, my mom called me to let me know my grandfather had died!! I thought, maybe this sounds selfish to some people, but I really can't even think about it right now!! And I knew he would understand. The point is, we all have to deal with our own lives in the way that suits us best, and you shouldn't feel bad about it!! You should be extremely proud of yourself!! You have come so far, don't stop now!! Work through your emotions at your own pace, keep your eye on the prize, and everything will fall into place!! Good luck keep us updated!