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  1. fiy416

    failed nclex-pn 2x- how can i pass it next time?

    Hey nerilene, Im down to start a study group with you. Its been a while since I graduated from nursing school, I finished back in 08. Where should we start studying? Ive been browsing the forums and Ive been reading that since April 1, they"ve made the nclex a bit harder to pass, is this true?
  2. fiy416

    failed nclex-pn 2x- how can i pass it next time?

    Hey guys Im also in the same situation. You right the main thing is to stay positive about the whole situation. What books are you guys using to study for the nclex?
  3. congratz... thanks for the encouragement
  4. fiy416

    American LPN to Ontario RPN

    I graduated from a nursing school in Kansas City, Missouri.. And the Missouri Board of Nursing said that they would not issue me my licenses because I did not have a SSN, they allowed me to sit for the NCLEX-PN.. but stated if I had passed they still would not give me the license to work in Missouri.. It depends on state your in.. but however while your a F1 Visa student, you have an option to work for a year after you graduate, forget what it was called. I think I made the biggest mistake by not taken advantage of that option..
  5. fiy416

    American LPN to Ontario RPN

    Hey, this reply might be kinda late with the reply. I was in the same exact situation.. When I applied to write the RPN examination at CNO ( College Nurses of Ontario)... they gave me a hard time. I left the states because it was a long waiting list for RN school.. And my visa would have expired..The only province in Canada that I know that transfer your lpn license is Alberta.. Alberta has a similar system as the states.. The most important thing is getting licensed as a LPN, but its hard when you dont have a SSN. Im new to the website soo I really cant PM anyone..
  6. fiy416

    NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    hello everyone.. thank all of you for the words of encouragement...i love it, you all have inspired me to believe in myself more now that i'm retesting..i'm very thankful for this network.. i plan on taking my exam real soon.. but i still don't feel comfortable with all the material.. this will be my second time.. so i know where some of you are coming from.. if anyone has an study methods they would love to share, that would be great.. it's great that were all here to help one another out, since we're all after the same goal.. take care everyone.. and never give up.. remember you can do this..
  7. fiy416

    Welcome nclex november 2009 support group

    Hello there everyone... Im new to allnurses.. i wanted to PM you _cassyandra, but dont know how too. Im studying to take my nclex pn, havent choosen a date as yet, but im planning on test real soon. This will be my second time sitting down for the nclex. I tested last year. Ive been out of nursing school for about 14 months. Ive had a hard time getting registered to write the nclex.Any help would be great. Hope to hear from you all.