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  1. copperkali

    Stress Relief after a BAD shift?

    Wine....lots of wine....
  2. copperkali

    GA, CO, or TX Which state has a higher pay rate for RN?

    The pay in Co is much lower than anywhere else.
  3. copperkali

    Night Shift!!! How do YOU stay awake?

    Lately we have been so busy I don't even have a chance to sit during the night. However when it is super slow, I will play solitaire or other games on my ipod, search the internet (what we can), or try to chit chat with coworkers.
  4. I wish I made 65k a year...
  5. copperkali

    Nurses Under 30 Years Old

    In my experience, it is those that are OVER 30 that are lazy...
  6. copperkali

    What would you change about nursing?

    No charting would be magnificent. I'd get to spend more time on patient CARE!
  7. copperkali

    Any overnight nurses?

    I usually sleep from 9am to 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I can't sleep any longer than that I have a hard time sleeping during the night let alone the day...It sucks.
  8. copperkali

    Men: Are catty / backstabbing / selfish female nurses typical, or not?

    It's not just nurses, that would describe women in general
  9. copperkali

    IMs and aspirating blood

    I always aspirate, but have never gotten blood.
  10. copperkali

    Anyone going for IBCLC?

    I used to think I wanted to, but I spent the day with lactation on Monday and it was BORING! I learned a lot of great stuff, but I would never want to be a full time Lactation consultant.
  11. copperkali

    Postpartum Sleeping Pill

    We have ambien 5-10mg as a standing order. We only give it occasionally.
  12. We do this too. Lots of times we don't have a CNA so the unit secretary (if we have one) will sit with the babe for a few minutes. Sometimes it's nice to have to "babysit" because you can't really leave the baby so you have to chart I often will volunteer to watch the kid so I can catch up on my charting.
  13. copperkali

    Pumping at Work???

    Wow, I'm glad I don't work with people like you...
  14. copperkali

    EMLA Cream with Circs

    I find this funny, because I just saw my first circ with EMLA two days ago. I've never seen that before and I was like what the heck!! I've only seen it done with lidocaine before then.
  15. copperkali

    What did you do before you were a nurse?

    Ugh...Human Resources Generalist for 6 years...
  16. copperkali

    What has ended up in your pockets?

    I have found alcohol prep pads, empty medication blister packs, a whole small jar of sublingual NTG (OOPS!), paper towels with vitals written all over them...