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  1. Alicia721

    Nurse Residency Programs

    New York University ....NYC
  2. Alicia721

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    It does work right away!
  3. Alicia721

    Need your opinion/answer please...

    I think she has to register with pearson vue again only. It may also depend how long her ATT lapsed not sure. Call the BON where the application was accepted and asked what to do so that she can take the exam. Hope this helps, Good Luck
  4. Alicia721

    NCSBN Learingext ?

    I scored 65 % on my pre-test and I cant remember what I got on the other quizzes. The more I did I got better on the quizzes. i felt learning extension helped me prepare for my Nclex-RN. I passed with 75 questions. I also used other resources, but I felt their questions were really close to NCLEX. Make sure you do every single question and read every rational before your exam.
  5. Alicia721

    I Passed!!!-Ever felt down about NCLEX You Must ReadThis!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very inspirational story. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you, and that you never gave up your dreams. Good luck on your new career as a RN!!!! God Bless!!! :yeah: :yeah:
  6. Alicia721

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    Thats a good sign.
  7. Alicia721

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    Just look at this as a MINOR setback. The best part about this is that you can take the test again. Learningext.com is a great study tool I made sure I did every question from them and I think that helped me pass my NCLEX RN. Good Luck!
  8. Alicia721

    What did you do differently to pass the 2nd time around?

    The first time I had 265 questions used only Saunders. Second time I went to a review course and did NCSBN learning extension and passed with 75 questions.
  9. Alicia721

    pearson vue web "trick"

    Congratulations!!!!!! :yeah::yeah::yeah: :hpygrp:
  10. Alicia721

    took nclex in Alabama on Friday Jan.9

    Good luck!!! let us know the results.
  11. Alicia721

    pearson vue web "trick"

    I really dont feel that anyone is really satisfied until they get the actual results. When I did the "trick" not once did I say yessss I passed. I was more like maybe I did pass, and I didnt go into depression mode for two days like the last time. This just helps with a little anxiety. It probably would satisfy you if you saw something different on the screen, just my opinion.
  12. Alicia721

    Pearson vue quick results

    Did you pay the $7.95 to view the results?
  13. Alicia721

    pearson vue web "trick"

    Why do you sound so angry? Although we studied hard and felt like we did our best on the exam the NCLEX is very hard to predict and trying this trick is just to help relieve anxiety. I dont think most people rely on this trick at least I didnt, it just helped me feel a little less anxious while I waited. Even though I tried it I was still anxious to know the the real result. Please dont be so angry with us just trying to relieve some stress. If you were not allowed to pay for the exam again would you be so upset? Good Luck again!
  14. Alicia721

    I am sure that I failed at 75Qs. :(

    You got yourself all worried for nothing. Congratulations!!!!!!! Go and celebrate and enjoy your day today.
  15. Your test sounds just like mine did and I stopped at 75 questions and passed. Im sure you did too!!