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  1. ilovelearning

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    I spoke to Peggy Breslin today and they do accept CLEP but she said she does not recommend it because a lot of people fail them. I don't think English 101 will be too hard and it's sooo much cheaper to take the test than an entire class.
  2. ilovelearning

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    I had completed all except A&P II, and apparently I still have to take English 101 and Computer Apps.
  3. ilovelearning

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    I received my acceptance letter June 10th and the pre-req stuff on June 17th. Does anyone know if they accept CLEP exams?
  4. ilovelearning

    Vent: COBRA insurance, seriously??

    I am a benefits counselor right now and the subsidy is 65% of Cobra premiums, so you end up paying 35%. If you were already receiving this subsidy it should continue with the extension, but if you are newly applying for Cobra make sure you fill out the application for the subsidy as it is not automatically given.
  5. ilovelearning

    WCU Accelerated BSN, any thoughts?

    According the their website, West Chester University will not have a January class. They will have a class of 40 in May.
  6. ilovelearning

    WCU Accelerated BSN, any thoughts?

    I have not completed my pre-reqs but will be finished in May when the next cohort begins. Does anyone know how strict they are about applying before pre-reqs are completed?
  7. ilovelearning

    Drexel ACE Fall 2010

    Thank you for your replies. We are planning on living off of one income while I am in school so that I can focus all of my energy of nursing. Do you have any idea how many people have jobs upon graduation or a few months after? Drexel is at the top of my list for its reputation, but I want to make sure I will have a job and hopefully get into a NP program eventually.
  8. ilovelearning

    Drexel ACE Fall 2010

    Do you know of any scholarships or financial aid available? The cost is pretty high, but may be worth it for a top notch education.
  9. ilovelearning

    UPenn Accelerated BSN 18 mos program

    Does Penn have only one cohort per year or do they offer 2 cohorts per year, one in spring and one in fall?
  10. ilovelearning

    Recommendations for Second Degree BSN Programs

    Howlwe, can I ask you a few questions about the WCU BSN2 program? I have had such a hard time finding real people to talk to about it. Was it an organized program? How many people were in your class at the beginning and the end? I keep hearing Drexel has such a high dropout/kickout rate and it really scares me. WCU is so close to my house and from what I understand the cost is great. Can I ask you how much (estimated) it cost for the 17 months total?
  11. ilovelearning

    Drexel ACE Fall 2010

    Has anyone heard back from Drexel for the fall 2010 class? My husband attended the info session for me a few weeks ago (he works in Philly and I had to work late), and he loved the school. On their website it says you have to have 7 pre-reqs completed prior to applying, but then it says they will not review transcripts until after you are accepted. Does anyone have any info on this?

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