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  1. CRNA question....

    Congrats!!! I know you have to be so excited
  2. CRNA question....

    Thank you so much everyone. I really hope schools can understand how "immaturity" can wreck your GPA. I am taking a few classes again just to eradicate those blemishes from my GPA. I believe I got into the nursing program here because I was able to...
  3. CRNA question....

    I have a question for CRNA's or anyone who is currently in CRNA school. I'm 29 yrs old and in my last year of nursing school (ASN). Each student in our Med-Surg class had the opportunity to stand in on a surgery. The CRNA position has intrigued me...
  4. Macon State ASN Program....NEED INFO PLS!!!!

    hey....i was accepted into the spring program in warner robins as well!!! looking forward to getting started!
  5. Macon State ASN Program....NEED INFO PLS!!!!

    hey...i was on here and saw you have also been accepted in the spring program in warner robins. i think everyone is nervous, but excited at the same time!!