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  1. Hey ALL!!! My pre-req's are done but I just had a horrible realization: I took Microbiology as an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, however, it was a 3 credit course!!!!!!!! Does this mean I have to take it again as a 4 credit course in order for it to be counted towards my pre-requisites for an accelerated BSN program? Most, if not all of the schools i'm looking at require 4 credits in Micro. I received an A in the course and would take it again if it is necessary, but would prefer to move on with the application process rather then spend more time and money on pre-req's.....i'll do what it takes but I need some advice! I can't find a school near me that offers Lab only classes.... Thank you for taking time to respond to this post!!
  2. :oHey everyone, I'm thinking of applying to an accelerated program in 2011...I have an undergrad BS in Animal Science, so most of my pre-req's are complete :) I did OK in Chem and Stats, but not great... B-....but Micro and Biochem I have A's. Now my predicament is that I took an organic chem 1 when I thought I was going pre-vet but then did reallly poorly...got a D+ because I sort of "gave up" half way through and just wanted to pass because I changed to from pre-vet to Animal Science. It's on my transcripts now and brought my GPA down to a 3.2... Before I didn't care because I didn't think I would be considering grad school...Now I'm affriad schools will see the B- in Chem and then see a D+ in Orgo and question what I am capable of. Would anyone reccommend I take orgo again as part of the classes I have yet to finish before applying to an accelerated program? or not bother to make up for it because it's not listed as an individual prereq?? THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!