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kingramon15 is a LPN and specializes in ER.


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  1. kingramon15

    Final Interview @ Cardinal Santos Medical Center

    from what i heard yes.. my cousins friend is now training there
  2. kingramon15


    from the last time i inquired, you will be in a 3 months training and then subject for evaluation for staffing. your entry will be added to those who are already waiting.
  3. kingramon15

    Tagig Doctors Hospital

    You can check my profile. its there
  4. kingramon15

    Tagig Doctors Hospital

    i definitely agree. right now the hosptal is currently on freeze. but u can send ur resumes through our email. its more convenient
  5. kingramon15

    Tagig Doctors Hospital

    Tagig Doctors Hospital is open. Requirements: 1. Comprehensive Resume 2. Photocopy of the following a. PRC license b. TOR c. Certificate of board rating d. Trainings and seminars attended e. NBI clearance You can pass your CVs personally at #184 MLQ Bagumbayan Taguig City or call them -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Addendum: 1. A trainee will be oriented and evaluated for 15 days to 1 month, based on the performance whether they will be retained or not. If retained, allowance will be provided and free meals will be available after 1 month orientation/evaluation. 2. It is a 8 bed capacity primary hospital with ER, OPD and DR capabilities. 3. There will be no certificate of training issued instead certificate of employment will be given after completion of six months. 1:nurse: 2010
  6. kingramon15

    Do you keep your license(s) in your wallet?

    my cards are all in my 1st wallet. But that wallet stays at home. carry another one haha
  7. kingramon15

    Conversion of Philippine BSN to US BSN

    correct me if im wrong but u nid a 1 year experience in critical care unit before going to crna program..
  8. kingramon15

    AFP medical center RN residency

    hey guys.. is this RN residency is different from being a military nurse We have a military in our hospital and he said Military nurse is good, have magna carta and also good pay the risk is only safety
  9. kingramon15

    Life after trainings and volunteerings!

    yeah, im also in the same ship helping other nurses find trainings and volunteers and sometimes even emploment. But what happens after that? keeps me guessing though
  10. kingramon15

    How to become a nurse in Singapore?

    What is the average salary of nursing there in Singapore?
  11. kingramon15

    Singapore Nurse

    why are there problems of nurses also in singapore?
  12. kingramon15

    Military Nursing in the Philippines

    its always true in all settings hope they diminish those to be fair with everybody else
  13. kingramon15

    Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center

    i went there as a walk in applicant i looked exhausted, and miserable because i went there 12nn Go directly to their HR department and asked them with conviction that im applying as an ER nurse they looked at me with kindness in their face and gave me an application form and interview number
  14. kingramon15

    Manila Doctors Hospital

    are they accepting resumes? i heard Medical center manila are accepting
  15. What happens after months of volunteer and expensive trainings?
  16. kingramon15

    Phil Nurse Success Stories

    Our fellow filipinos who already suceeded can share to us newly starting nurses their success stories. Their struggles, endevours and success!