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  1. Freedom of Expression

    As a new generation begins to enter the nursing profession, we are beginning to see more and more who express their uniqueness in various ways. We see nose rings, eyebrow piercings, more visible tattoos etc. Do you think that nurses should be allow...
  2. Malpractice Insurance

    I'll be graduating in May and was wondering how important other nurses think it is to carry their own malpractice insurance. Are most nurses carrying their own insurance?
  3. Definition of Rural

    As populations increase and suburban America expands, I would be interested in knowing what qualifies as rural. I worked for 7 years at a small hospital in east central Idaho. Our nearest regional medical center equipped to deal with trauma and car...
  4. Change of shift report

    The facility I'm training at has just gone to giving report by creating a computerized nursing summary sheet. You type the report at some point in your shift. After reading the summary, The nurse coming on shift can ask questions out on the floor t...