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Pre-Health Student with aspirations of becoming a RN.

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  1. Twiggi

    Quit my first nursing home after 1 day!

    I felt this way about my current job. Organizational issues make me want to drive off a cliff and I am very thorough like you are. I'm going to take a moment to vent like you. I love my job but it honestly drives me to drink some days/weeks. Some of my favourite moments. 1. Having the fire alarm go off in the middle of my late med pass WHILE I am in the middle of giving report to paramedics. After I had wasted 45 minutes convincing the family that she needed to go yet again. 2. Transferring mx residents to hospital in a shift. Not as simple as it sounds. I probably have done mx assessments, VS, interventions, called the doctor, called the family for each resident and later complete thorough defensive charting. I always have to send in the middle of my AM med pass. 3. We have electronic MARs. They have gone down and we have had no back up paper MARs to replace them. I have no where to look to give a medication so I have to run meds from a hardwired computer on my orientation day. And then AM pass became Lunch pass. Then the oncoming shift complains that the med room is a mess, while raising their voice at you. You get to thank them by handing them freshly printed paper MARs that management has finally conjured at the end of YOUR shift. 4. I have just called 911 to send a resident to hospital. I have already printed off all the needed information.. Except our printers in the whole building are down and it didn't print. I have to write down all allergies, hx, meds given etc, personal info since I have no transfer papers. All while the paramedics stand there. You can forget about faxes or labs you are waiting to receive. 5. There comes transfer down the hall with a gurney for a resident who is leaving for dialysis. This is the first I've heard of this. 6. Fielding wars between staff or telling staff to do their jobs. Don't make me tell you to answer a bed alarm.... DON'T MAKE ME TELL YOU TWICE. 7. Family yelling at you for popping their loved one in isolation. Meanwhile, another patient dies in hospital from the flu. 8. Topping the worst possible day off: acutely confused sweet(now mean) lady suddenly spits crushed meds into your eyeballs. The top three things that !@#$ me off: 1. Having a rainbow week where I work multiple(new) units. I have to send their residents to the hospital that should of been sent on a previous shift or days ago. I don't know the residents hx or baseline. They usually come back for kidney failure, urosepsis or some !@#$ing nonsense. I honestly feel like the angel of death. I can never trust judgement calls made by regular staff who KNOW their baseline- yet time and time again fail to act. I will see charting from days previous: confused this shift, lethargic this shift, vomiting+ lethargy for 4 days in a row yet NO ONE HAS REASSESSED, DONE VITALS OR FOLLOWED UP. They passed the buck. If I am filling in on a unit I should not be cleaning it up. 2. Running out of vital supplies like MOM, butterflies, I'm not even going to make a list. Having to waste 30 minutes looking for things that aren't in the building. Having simple things like oximetry or the unit's stethoscope go missing. Repeatedly interrupting your med pass to restock the med cart with insulins, puffers, boost, needles, look for missing meds or clarifying orders. 3. Processing orders that have been put off for no reason. I don't have TIME to put in YOUR APPROVED admission orders that I see timestamped as received at 1700 LAST NIGHT. Having to fix wrongly inputted orders. Pharmacy calling me to reinput orders that people randomly d/c. Going through 2 years of orders to clarify redundant, irrelevant, incorrect or unclear orders. Missed orders. I still love my job. But the extra nonsense and disorganization... I deal with things you describe every day, throughout my day. I can deal with it because I stuck through it and now organize/cluster my care. (Although I fully support and agree with your decision to quit). When you don't know the residents, don't know the meds/treatments I know how impossible... and potentially unsafe.. it is to deal with. I just do the best that I can and prioritize.
  2. Twiggi

    First time a patient didn't like me

    I haven't had that yet, other than the helpful bit about it being unhelpful to reorient alzheimers patients, I thought that you did a good job and was in awe of your composure in a difficult case. I totally understand that you would take it personally, I think that you are able to rationalize it was the dementia talking, but it still hurts. I totally get it. My heart broke a little about nurse1952fun's patient. Its important to remember that "Ethel's" can be just hurt and lonely individuals. Perhaps that is how they have learned to get attention and cope with isolation. With some of the assault cases, if it was an alert and oriented client, or a visitor, I would be charging them. Behaviour like that is unacceptable, and hard to tolerate from the clients who have an excuse for it ( dementia, brain injury, tumour etc)
  3. Twiggi

    First Day of Clinicals....Disaster

    I am sorry you had a rotten experience. Things will get better. You learned some valuable lessons today and you will not make those mistakes again :). I think your instructor was a bit harsh. She sounds like the "lay down the law type". Unfortunately, you will likely have to work with her, but if you encounter a serious problem, where she for example, was berating you on a daily basis no matter what you did to try and please her, do not hesitate to bring it up with your school. Sometimes we have a blooper moment during clinical, and I think that was yours this semester. Put it behind you and go back to clinical excited. I was nervous when I first started as well. When I had a tough week, I reflected and then I went back the next week motivated to have a great shift! You will have good experiences that outshine this, and you will laugh at yourself for what happened on the first day of clinical in the future. Best of luck future nurse!
  4. Twiggi

    Unsettling experience

    I really have no idea why they would be doing this to you. Just play it safe for your last 3 weeks. You can consider bringing it to HR, but things can get a little messy. Make sure you DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Best of luck and I'm sorry about this happening to you.
  5. Twiggi

    SIDS Pediatric Code

    You did a good job, and you were a kind and caring soul during the most difficult time in a families life. Your story and your compassion brought me to tears, and I thank you for sharing it. You are and will be an excellent nurse.
  6. Twiggi

    Failed not sure what to do next

    Good for you two. You are not the only ones either, there are multiple readmits in my program. You will make it- just keep your head up. In regards to helping you learn Toiya, I have an iPhone and sometimes it helped me to tape the lectures. I am auditorial/linguistic and I would write notes out into my own words. That helped me. In anatomy, sometimes it was necessary to slowly draw diagrams. Try your best to attend every class and clinical. As well you will have to review content several times in order to learn it.. Not just once. Just a few tips you may or may not be aware of. One more thing you may want to consider is taking advantage of your college's learning resources. It helps more students than you know. You are here on this website demonstrating that you are drawn to this practice.. Good for you. I look forward to hearing from you guys succeeding down the line =]
  7. 1. Stop being a !@#$% for no reason. 2. How dare you give a student 100 % on participation when he showed up for 3 classes and myself 65% when I only missed 3 classes. Thanks for giving these same students 93 percent for spending 1 hour on their assignment the night before, and us 73 for spending a week on it. Learn to write a rubric, your marking is entirely subjective and unmeasurable. As well, I am sick of you playing favourites with your clinical students. I work my butt off for your class (shows on my 90% exam) and you keep lowballing me with these unfair marks. 3. Stop playing favourites with the boys. 4. Hand my project back that was given to you 2-3 months ago PLEASE 5. You really need to work on your lecture slides and organisational skills.
  8. 1) I am with the noisy kids in the back. (embarassed) But I have to say, do not give us dirty looks and 'shhh' when we whisper. Then turn around and chat your friends up and giggle as loudly as possible. At least we sit in the back of the class and talk quietly while you guys are chatting it up in the middle. Hypocrites. 2) unrelated stories and questions. Especially when you occupy my lab teacher's time when I have valid questions. If you have questions about your hyperthyroidism, refer them to your own GP. 3) Really, when I bring my equipment that I paid for to lab, that does not mean you can borrow it and share it with your friends.. Without asking.. Or pick it up when I set it down for literally one second without asking! To the one girl in particular I told you three times in one day to give my stuff back. Next week when I brought that cuff to practice extra in lab before our redemo you did this AGAIN. Do you not learn? 4) I don't like some of you. This is because I know you're two-faced. Mind your own business and stop trying to dig for gossip from me regarding my friends. I will ignore you or blow you off. 5) To the honest hard workers in my class, I am sorry for the times that I forget to whisper or talk excessively. Myself and my one friend are looking to turn a leaf over next semester. 6) Good luck on your exams this week and see you next semester.
  9. Twiggi

    Nursing classmate with add

    I can't really comment on if that is related to her ADD but I wouldn't pay much mind to it and treat it like a personal quirk.
  10. Twiggi

    Failed not sure what to do next

    Hello, I am also a practical nursing student in my first semester. I wanted to say that I am sorry and I have nearly been in your shoes before. I cried and cried for days and it was an awful experience. There is a girl in my program who has also been failed out. She failed her clinical portion, from what I gather handing in an assignment late. I feel that the teacher was making an example out of her. On one hand you need to be accountable but I also know that myself and others are not always the perfect students we ought to be. I know in our first semester that we have done clinical in a long term care facility. If you have done the same have you enjoyed it? Is nursing for you? I -know- that nursing is for me. When you answered that, and if you know that nursing is for you.. There's only one thing you can do. Try again. I wish you the best of luck. If you'd like to give us details I would be more than willing to see if there are any suggestions I can give you. If you need to vent feel free, I understand how much this sucks.
  11. Hello Phil. Our situations vary a bit but I just wanted to say that I too had some challenges that prevented me from succeeding in school. However after having a similar revelation I turned my life around. I have never completed highschool, but I did a college preparatory program and completed that with over 4.0 GPA. I went to college and completed a pre-health science certificate with a 3.0 gpa (not very good but..) I am now in a college diploma program to become a registered practical nurse (rpn or lpn, depending on where you are from) and I intend to upgrade my diploma to a degree when I am finished in two years. If I keep up with what I am doing I should pull a 4.0 gpa in THIS program. I wanted to give you advice and say that for me, my motivation comes in spurts. This may happen to you down the road as you struggle to change your relationship in school and all I can say is that if this happens to you it is not the end of the road.( This happened when getting my equivalency and in prehealth) It is okay if you are not perfect all the way through school ( as you were taught to be growing up) as you are only human. After going through several hard times through school I can now say that I am now pulling very good grades in my program and I am doing extremely well. My past is now behind me and I have a wonderful relationship with school. It has taken me years to change my attitude to school and it is no easy road but you can do it. You are an intelligent individual and I know you will succeed. Good luck :)
  12. Sorry for the pessimistic title, couldn't think of another way to phrase it.. Sad local story.. I was wondering if anyone knows this is an isolated situation or a more serious problem that is common to our healthcare and other drugs. Hopefully the treatment gets approved to become covered. I understand it costs a lot but it doesn't seem fair to a) put the prices that high and b) to with hold treatment that can save lives. Heres the story. http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/894576--8-ontario-patients-in-need-of-500-000-a-year-drug-therapy
  13. Interesting how you answered about the OR. I spoke to a nursing student last year and she told me that also was her favourite rotation when she got to scrub in on an open heart surgery. It was so fascinating when she told me, she was so clearly enamoured. That is so much cooler that they took extra effort to teach you! I spoke to another student about papers/essays too! I am not terrible at them but they just take so much time haha! I suppose i'll have to prepare myself mentally. Thanks for taking the time to answer me, it was an interesting read.
  14. Twiggi

    Pre health science/prenursing

    I am almost certain that fanshawe/western bscn collaborative program only accepts prehealth from fanshawe. It does make sense that i can hold on to my course outlines and will now certainly do thanks to your advice :). Just keep in mind that there is probably more colleges like mine.. As wellllllll, I wanted to say that in order to get prereq credits for bscn, they have to be university for highschool and I don't know too many adult education programs(non college program) that offer that. Maybe you and I are thinking of different programs. :) I was speaking to a girl this weekend and she said she got in with a 4.0 average(out of 4.2) I have heard that some registered nursing programs take averages that are low 80's to mid 80's:lol2: That seems high but she said she had an early acceptance! I would still aim for that.
  15. If you don't want to it's entirely to your discretion. To clarify for others I am not asking for ID numbers (not that I know what that is, and would not ask even in person!) I am in the middle of establishing contact with another nurse, and will probably use her answers if she agrees.. But even though you aren't from canada I more than welcome you to answer those few questions. Truth be told I'm kind of curious about what you have to say lol! If anyone else for that matter wishes to answer only a few please don't hesitate. Thanks so much for the support SilverDragon. Edit: I see you're in Canada now, welcome ! :)