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    Online Science Courses

    i have just started a completely online microbiology course at mid state techical college in wisconsin rapids, wisconsin. it already seems as if its a wonderful course and inexpensive! i will keep you posted. oppenheimer
  2. NomadMomma, How does Eastern Oregon University handle the lab fees? Do you have to buy a microscope and a LabPaq? At Mid State Technical College (MSTC) in Wisconsin Rapids we were directed to buy the LabPaq and Scope from Hands-On Labs in Colorado for their Online Microbiology Course. It ran me a little over $400. It's still a great deal when you consider you don't have to drive to and from a campus 3 days a week. Oppenheimer
  3. wisconsin nursing students: i just found out that mid state technical college in wisconsin now offers a microbiology course totally online (4 credits) including the laboratory. they use a labpaq for the online lab so you actually get a microscope and lab kit to use at home so its a "hands on" lab not a virtual lab. my school wants me to have a hands on lab and not a virtual one for transfer prerequisite courses. the course is designated microbiology 10-806-197 and the section is listed as 24063. the course is used for their associate degree nursing (rn) program. here is their website: http://www.mstc.edu/includes/microbiologymaterials.htm it begins jan 14, 2010. oppenheimer