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  1. Hello asbn2010nyu,

    thank you so much for responding to my post. I can’t really do full time staff nursing in California because I have a family here in Georgia and we’re not moving anytime soon. But I would be very interested in the smaller Bay Area hospital that’s offering per Diem positions. If you could send me that hospitals information, that would be awesome!! It might not be as high as Cedars Sinai, but if they have an employee referral program... I’d be more than happy to tell them you sent me. I hope to hear from you soon. 

  2. asbn2010nyu

    UC Davis Medical Center

    This is random, but Cedars-Sinai in LA is hiring right now, in need of experienced nurses (I moved from Seattle to LA last year to work there). They're offering a sign on bonus this week of $7500.00 with an employee referral. They offer 3 12's with option of an extra shift as 1.0, the entire extra shift is 1.5xpay, self scheduling, 2 weekends/month requirement. If you are interested, please let me know! Sorry I don't know anything about UC Davis!
  3. asbn2010nyu

    California Per Diem information

    Hi, I just got hired at a smaller local hospital in the Bay Area for per diem, my requirements are 5 available shifts per 28 days. My offer is above $95/hr without differentials. Their per diem rate is $88-111/hr. I have approx 6 years experience, 5 in acute care. Weekend I believe is 4% of hourly, after 3pm (evening differential) is $6.25 or $6.95/hr (I forgot), and nights is $11/hr. Overtime is allowed but depends on if the needs. I just finished working at Cedars-Sinai in LA, my coworkers informed me that right now they are offering a $7500 sign on bonus with employee referrals. My pay there was $57/hr as staff with benefits, you have the option to work 1.0 where you work an extra shift (instead of 3 12's, it's 3, 3, 3, 4) and the entire extra shift is 1.5 pay. I'm not sure if night diff was $9 or $10, but I know weekends is $5/hr. Please let me know if you are interested in signing on as a staff RN at Cedars or know anyone, please send them my way I hope this helps!
  4. asbn2010nyu

    Marymount Accelerated BSN - Spring 2010

    Hello everyone, Just got my acceptance letter today for Fall 2010. I'm coming from Cali, how's the public trans over in the VA area? Don't think I'll be driving across country for a year's worth of school. And does anyone know if I take patho and pharm this summer before the program if I'll have to still take it at MU? Thanks in advance.
  5. asbn2010nyu

    Illinois State University- 2011 ABSN cohort applicants

    I applied, haven't heard anything. And nothing changed on my welcome to ISU page.
  6. asbn2010nyu

    Stony Brook U ABSN - Summer 2010 Applicants

    are there people who got accepted without solar changing?
  7. asbn2010nyu

    SFSU Generic MSN for Fall 2010

    when do you find out about acceptance to the grad school?
  8. asbn2010nyu

    Teas Test Skills Tips Please

    5 Star Nurse, I can't PM you back =( I haven't commented on enough postings yet. PM me back with your contact and I will write you back. THanks!!
  9. asbn2010nyu

    Teas Test Skills Tips Please

    I have the McGraw Study Guide on my comp, I can forward it to you, just pm me your contact =)
  10. asbn2010nyu

    Teas Test Skills Tips Please

    Of Course. I would need your email address. I saw someone get in trouble for putting their email address in the forums, so I'm not sure if we are allowed to? Let me know how I can get it to you!
  11. asbn2010nyu

    Teas Test Skills Tips Please

    Hey, I think you'll do fine. I just took the TEAS last night and I have to say it was the easiest standardized exam of the century. Granted the science section was random, the reading, verbal, and math were extremely easy. The reading portion basically consisted of reading labels and understanding what they're telling you. Stuff we do on an everyday basis already! (example, the back of a medicine packet, dosage, warnings, etc) Also there were couple questions on following directions where they make you copy a string of letters, replace specific letters, cross out some, and ask what do you get at the end. The math was simple math. I did not find the need to memorize formulas for anything. It is true there were questions that needed me to go from KG to POUNDS and another from INCHES to METRIC, and CELSIUS to FAHRENHEIT but honestly there is no need to stress yourself out!!! I answered ALL questions perfectly without knowing a single thing about formulas. From KG to LB, I knew what I weighed in KG and knew what translated to LB so I estimated. Their answers aren't tricky either, most wrong answers are way off. Inches to Metric, just use what you remember from a regular ruler, and guesstimate! Celsius to Fahrenheit, just remember in Asia, they're usually 20-30 C's and thats our normal 60-80 F temp. Verbal, you just have to know your punctuation! When to use a comma, semi-colon, colon, quotation marks, parentheses. You can't study vocab, either you know it or you don't, theres only 3-5 questions on vocab, simple! Put in the context ,they ask you which definition fits. The only thing I thought I was do differently was GLANCE OVER SCIENCE!!! lol but it was so random!!! They literally asked a question from ALL sections of science. Even things we learn in elementary, like plants and rocks (1-2 questions). ANYWAYS, hope I helped! GOOD LUCK! You'll be fine! I only studied 4 hours before the test, took a practice test and thought it was a joke! I think people overly stress themselves and don't give themselves enough credit. I used the free prep book they had on rapid share so I can forward you the book. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Don't psych yourself out!

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