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  1. biscuits090

    Husson University FNP Program

    I have also been accepted to Husson's Online FNP program, but the Aug 2019 cohort. So, I may also start taking FNP courses in Jan '19 as a non degree grad student. As the congrats letter states, financial aid may not cover the non degree semester. How did being a non degree student work out? Did fin aid cover? Was it bad being out of sequence? Being that I am local, Husson does have a positive and strong nursing reputation in Maine. I have talked to previous Husson grads and they have only positive things to say about the FNP program. I would be proud to be a Husson Graduate, I have no worries about the education I will receive... I am currently attending Husson RN to BSN Online program. I love the instructors and class sizes are small.
  2. biscuits090

    Husson vs Simmons FNP

    I am thankful to say that I have been accepted to Husson University FNP online program (Aug '19 cohort) and awaiting an answer from Simmons College (Jan '19 cohort). Has anyone currently taken the programs, what are your thoughts? I live in Maine and Husson is closer to me. Cost difference is Husson $40k and Simmons $66k. I was accepted into Husson as a non-degree grad student, so I may start taking FNP classes in Jan 2019, and then I would join the August 2019 cohort. In comparison, Simmons is offered year around, therefore everything would be on track. Downside of being a non-degree student at Husson is it runs the risk of financial aid not covering the cost (for the one semester) and being out of sequence... so it may make sense to wait until Aug 2019 to start at Husson. I don't want to wait 8 months to get started on my FNP!! But, 20k is quite to cost to start sooner than later. Thoughts? Both have 100% pass board rates, both 100% Online. I work at with a hospital system, so clinical placement shouldn't theoretically be problem. On paper they seem fairly similar. *FYI, I graduate with my BSN in Dec 18, that's why everything is pushed out and I have been an RN for 8 years.
  3. biscuits090

    Help please!! TEAS TEST.

    Yes, buy the TEAS Test Studybook! It goes over all the concepts you need to know and explains them in detail, so that you completely understand what you are being tested on. It also contains practice quizzes and that explains the answers. It's only $20-$30, it's worth every penny. I bought it, studied, took the TEAS, and passed. I then shared the book with my friends, which they all have passed TEAS. They were are very thankful for the book. It's worth buying. Just go to the TEAS website to buy it.
  4. I was wondering... I'm currently a student a Kirkwood Community College @ Cedar Rapids, IA and almost done with my pre-reqs for the nursing program. Do you mind if I ask what you got on your TEAS?? I'm worried that I didn't score high enough to get into the program Fall 2010. Thanks.