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  1. can't read it yet, i'm still at work, i just asked my aunt if it's colorful or not lolx...hopefully this is it :)
  2. guys, i received a letter from the NBV and it has colorful pages, is this "it"?
  3. guys, how do you go about requesting your professional standing and verification of registration from the US to be sent to NMB NSW?
  4. but if you're on a tourist visa, you don't need that big of an amount right?
  5. correct me if I'm wrong, 17k is your required show money if you will be studying for a year right?, but if your BP is only for 3 mos, i don't think you need 17k
  6. guys where will i send my application to NBV? to the postal add or d office add?
  7. did u hear this directly from curtin?, the 6mos course is already expensive, i was planning on applying at curtin, i havnt started on anything yet, but with what uve said i might remova WA from my plan:sniff:
  8. what? really? oh my:cry:
  9. nope, im here in PI, and yet to start on my applications
  10. @newmac 12k aud as proof of funds for a single person
  11. anyad

    It's Just a Shower

    *clicks the LIKE button* :)
  12. anyad

    Why am I doing this, anyway?

    despite everything that is not to like about nursing, this article made me realize again how beautifully amazing this profession is
  13. also, amang rodriguez memorial medical center, marikina valley medical center, saint vincent hospital, garcia general hospotal, all in marikina city, all accepts volunteers, just bring your credentials
  14. quirino memorial med center accepts volunteers, duration is for 2 mos., just bring the usual reqts.
  15. anyad

    LPN from Philippines

    Thecommuter is right, there are no programs for LPNs here in the Phil, what institution are you in chemwizard?