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  1. MzRN2B

    Any advice for us "baby" Nursing students?

    Love it!
  2. I will graduate nursing school and while working, complete the 1 year bridge BSN program at my school. I will then continue on to grad school to become a NP-Mental Health or FNP-Mental Health.
  3. MzRN2B

    Well, I got my syllabus today...

    I opened all of them last night and there is a lot more than just the course outline. There are handouts, powerpoints, clinical check sheets, etc. It was just packaged together. Whew! There are 716 pages.
  4. MzRN2B

    Well, I got my syllabus today...

    This is the first time that I've ever had to purchase a syllabus!!! This is also the first time that I've been in nursing school. My school is weird tho and makes you pay for everything.
  5. MzRN2B

    Well, I got my syllabus today...

  6. Which I had to pay for!!!! All three of them were around $55. I almost changed my major after seeing the clinical syllabus.
  7. MzRN2B

    Apply for those scholarships people!

    Many of the nursing scholarships that I saw, required the applicant to be apart of a certain organization. I haven't even started nursing classes yet, so that wouldn't have worked for me. I'm still looking and plan to be ready for next semester.
  8. MzRN2B

    Nursing School Jitters

    I start on Aug 25 and feel the same way!!! Kinda feel like I need a smoke, but I don't even smoke. I guess this will have to do.
  9. MzRN2B

    For Fun - Things You Want to Buy Once You're a Nurse

  10. MzRN2B

    Passed Med/Surg and completed my 1st year

  11. MzRN2B

    For Fun - Things You Want to Buy Once You're a Nurse

    ^^^Super Long Shot Dream^^^ More practical ambitions for my baby!!! In addition to a GROWING savings account, college savings and retirement fund.:smokin:
  12. MzRN2B

    Fall 2010 Classes!!

    ...Don't be so sure...
  13. MzRN2B

    Fall 2010 Classes!!

    Lol...Yes I normally carry 18 hours per semester. However, I did want to take it easy this fall becuz I'll be getting into something TOTALLY new. But since I couldn't fit in either science class into summer break, I'm stuck taking them both at the same time...or starting NS in Fall 2011(not gonna happen).
  14. MzRN2B

    Fall 2010 Classes!!

    I'm so excited for school to start! So I thought it would be cool to see what everyone is taking. I'm sure many of us have some of the same classes! Me: A&P I/Lab Chemistry/Lab Nursing Concepts Intro to Nursing Theory Intro to Nursing Clinical:uhoh3: Total Hous: 17 Start Date: August 25:nurse:
  15. I'm not sure if it varies from state to state or not, but here in Nebraska, you just have to be 16. Most 16 year olds don't have a GED or HS Diploma, so I would say no.
  16. MzRN2B

    Words of Encouragement?

    Don't assume that you can rely soley on your notes for this open notes exam. Study and know the information just like you would without the notes. Just use the notes as a safety net. If you can knock this one out of the park, it will give you a little cushion for the final.