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  1. Cid13

    New entry-level Masters program at U of A!!

    I don't think I know enough details yet to say if this is a great option or an overpriced option. I'll be attending an info session soon & posting the details. One big question is how this Master's program will bridge you to a NP vs. working towards a NP from a BSN. May be worth the cost then if that's your final goal.
  2. Hi all, In the last week, U of AZ has posted a change to their programs. They have dropped their 2nd degree BSN and have added a mepn program (master's entry to the profession of nursing (mepn) pathway). This is available to those who already have a non-nursing bachelor's degree. check out the link for more info: Page not found | UA College of Nursing I called to get more info. They said tuition would probably run between 35-45k(depends on residency status). They will start having info sessions on the new program starting at the end of this month. -c
  3. Cid13

    FREE TUITION - FREE BSN - University of Arizona

    I thought it would be next week. I calculated out the probability of a person getting a sponsorship with their first choice and it is less than 6% so I find it funny that they mentioned during the info session that she has been able to almost always give someone their first choice. She's probably thinking of before when they didn't have self pay & before the hospitals cut spots. Also, from investigating, I think I've figured out how they decide admissions. They assign a score to parts of the app - undergrad GPA, prereq GPA, essay, experience, interview, etc. I've HEARD that GPAs carry a lot of weight. Don't know if they changed the formula this year. Oh, and the probability of you getting admitted in general - self pay or sponsorship - is about 66%. Sounds a bit better if you're willing to pay. Yes, I've finished my FAFSA. If you've completed your taxes, it should only take about 10 min. Also, the priority deadline for the FAFSA at the U of AZ was March 1st.
  4. Cid13

    FREE TUITION - FREE BSN - University of Arizona

    Amrsugar - https://osa.nursing.arizona.edu/PartnerApplyInfo.asp PROGRAM OPTIONS: Number of available seats in each option will be determined according to available faculty and healthcare agency sponsorships. Choice of option has no influence on admission decision. -C
  5. Cid13

    FREE TUITION - FREE BSN - University of Arizona

    I'm in for the interview as well! Yay! I'll be there both Fri. & Sat. -C
  6. Cid13

    FREE TUITION - FREE BSN - University of Arizona

    Hi, ajwildcat I submitted my app last week and hope to get an interview in Feb. My first choice will be UMC. Thanks for being available for questions...hopefully, I'll be in touch later. Good luck with the program! -C
  7. Cid13

    FREE TUITION - FREE BSN - University of Arizona

    shelby - i like you already since you are working on your app for new years eve. ;-) i've chosen to spend mine studying. i want to keep my a in a&p2. we are hard workers! :-) hopefully my post count will get up there so i can do pm. i did meet some people. there was great camaraderie among the students. i did get 1 person's email who is at umc. i've taken micro, a&p 1&2 online at rio salado. -c
  8. Cid13

    FREE TUITION - FREE BSN - University of Arizona

    Hi, ShelbyP I will be applying for 2010. Taking my final for A&P 2 next Thurs. I've been following this program since last year and went for a visit on campus & classroom visit when I was in town. Are you in AZ?
  9. Cid13

    FREE TUITION - FREE BSN - University of Arizona

    What do you mean by an "ambiguous contract"? BTW, thanks for the inside info. I was going to go to the "meet & greet" with the hospitals this month but they sent out an email 3 days before hand. Since I'm out of state, I needed more than that for a notice. I called at least 3 times since Oct. asking when it was.
  10. Cid13

    Should I take Chemistry before Biology?

    I agree. I don't think you NEED chemistry before Biology. I'd also look to see what your school has for prereqs for the Biology class. If chemistry isn't listed, than you are good.
  11. Does anyone have any tips for the Rio Salado Bio 202 final? Any topics/chapters that seemed to be covered a lot in the test? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  12. Cid13

    FREE TUITION - FREE BSN - University of Arizona

    Jamini- Previously, the ABSN program at UA was sponsorship only. This means that you could not get into the program unless you were sponsored by a hospital. Your sponsorship hospital paid your full tuition in exchange for you working for them for 2-3 yrs. Last year, they had a hospital withdraw and others cutting their seats so they ended up only being able to admit about 40-50 people rather than their desired 96. I think that this year they opened up the program to people who want to pay the full tuition in order to avoid a low student count like last year. So, if you wanted to go to the UA for the ABSN program without signing a contract with a hospital, you can pay the full tuition for the 14 month program. This totals to be 28K. OR, you can choose to sign with a hospital if the hospital picks you. In the application you can select both options if you want. Does this make sense?
  13. Cid13

    Has anyone gotten an A in the Rio sciences?

    Smiley, I don't live in Phoenix so I haven't taken any in-person classes at Rio. However, I have taken other science classes like chemistry in person (with a lab component). I would say that the labs are almost always less challenging and are NOT graded. I remember spending hours in the lab with my chem class but that isn't so online. You have a separate lab book to follow and a lot of the time you can't complete the lab exercises since you aren't there. The directions say to skip them. The other parts you use a virtual cadaver dissection CD to follow along. Great CD with short videos as well. Much of the material is self taught since you have no teacher and just a text book. I usually supplement with videos from youtube or UC-Berkeley lectures. http://webcast.berkeley.edu/course_details.php?seriesid=1906978375 Assignments are due by midnight AZ time Sat. You usually have 2 assignments a week which is a mixture of essays, lab quizzes, chapter quizzes, or lab practicals. Lab quizzes and lab practicals are timed. About 30 sec per question. Two tests - midterm and final. 80 multiple choice and 4 essays (which are taken from a pool that you are able to see ahead of time to prepare) I probably spend 15 hrs a week - reading, studying, and assignments. Maybe more if there's a lot of material. I tend to spend as much time as it takes to feel confident about the material (i.e. I take my time). You have to put in the time to get a good grade!
  14. Hi, all I'm looking at applying to the U of AZ - Tucson for their ABSN. I've been following that program since their last application cycle. I know they made some changes to their program like having some sponsorships in Yuma and offering a self-pay option. Last year they held a meet & greet with the hospitals the first Thurs. in Dec. They sent notification about this at the end of Oct. last year. I've called the school and even some of the sponsor hospitals to see if there's going to be anything like this for this application cycle and have heard nothing. Does anyone have "inside" info on what is going to for this application cycle? Has anyone gone to their ABSN program info sessions? I live out of state so I was unable to go this year. Thanks!
  15. Check out Rio Salado: http://www.riosalado.edu/Pages/default.aspx It's a college based in the Phoenix metro. It's an accredited community college that has been doing online classes for years. Yes, there are labs included in these classes! A 4 cr. class will run you about $800 - not counting books. The U of MN proctors my exams. There are 2 - midterm & final. Multiple choice - 80 questions and 4 essays. The essays are fine since they are taken from a pool of questions that are shown to you each chapter (around 4 per chapter) so you can prep for them. I've taken Bio 205 (Micro), Bio 201 (A&P1), and I'm currently taking Bio 202 (A&P2). I'm on-call for work so these classes are flexible for me and work with my schedule.