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Psychiatry-Acute, Forensic
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carolineaji has 2 years experience and specializes in Psychiatry-Acute, Forensic.

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  1. carolineaji

    Psychiatric-Mental Health Certification

    International Trained Mental nurse Would you have information regarding international trained psychiatric nurse job opportunities in Alberta. Qualified 2 years ago and has been practicing since. Need to relocate to Alberta re: hubby's job. How do I go about getting job? I know i need to register with the nursing board.
  2. carolineaji

    What do you do in the nursing station in your down time?

    I would like someone to come to my aid please. I am a Psychiatric Nurse currently practicing in UK but planning to move to Alberta due to husband's job. i want to know if there are any job prospects for mental nurses in Alberta and what are the necessary steps to take. The nursing websites I have checked are not quite explicit on getting jobs. Tnx