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  1. Discrimination Against Relocaters

    In my honest opinion, it may just be plain curiosity and have nothing to do with 'fear' that you will leave soon. Nobody knows what the future holds for their career. Who's to say that those 'local' new grads will stick around the hospital. People ...
  2. SATA Questions: How to answer?

    Treat each choice as true or false. That helps you look at each answer inidividually!
  3. Passed NCLEX - thanks to all!

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posts on here. I have been following allnurses since I started my journey back to school, especially the last few weeks on the NCLEX forum! For everyone getting ready to take the exam - the 'trick' works. I ...
  4. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Thanks for the feedback! I guess I know this in my heart - it just doesn't seem possible. I'll take it and run with it though!:redbeathe
  5. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    OK - just got done taking NCLEX-RN. Hardest exam I have ever taken. Got the good pop-up, but still scared to death. I believed in the 'good pop-up" until today!! Freaking out....
  6. Supervisor upset because I have another job!

    Yes - I agree with all the sentiments here. She is not treating you fairly. You must look out for yourself and you did just that by taking the job at the other facility. Don't use her as a reference, it would do you no good. I wouldn't worry about...
  7. Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    I'm a new grad and just accepted a position in southern Illinois - $20.50/hour plus differentials for nights/weekends..
  8. st. elizabeth hospital belleville IL

    I do work at St E's (as a Nurse Assistant) and I really do love it. It is a small hospital, but they do seem to care about their employees. Everyone I work with enjoys it - you have your usual complaints, but you would have that no matter where you...
  9. In IL when can you work as a PCT/CNA

    Those particular skills ARE included in the job description. NA II's (which is what I am), are permitted to do those skills. We have already done them in our first year of nursing school and we are tested out on them during orientation at the hospit...
  10. In IL when can you work as a PCT/CNA

    I work as a "Nursing Assistant" at a hospital in IL. I was able to get the job after 3 clinical rotations, which was basically after my first year of nursing school. I do the same things as a CNA plus a few additional things that CNA's cannot do (D/...
  11. SWIC Acceptance

    I'm with "Busy" too - just finishing up my first year and I remember all to well being in your shoes this time last year! For the last couple of years the minimum # of points you could have was 15. From what I heard from classmates, there were so ma...