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  1. Tiff14RN

    new Army Nurse going Landstuhl, Germany

    I also graduated from ROTC and Landstuhl was my first assignment. This was back in 2002. I lived there from 02-06 and had a blast. As a new nurse you'll either work on med-sug, peds, or post partum. I did peds, but i wish I started out on the med-surg wards. Sorry, but it won't be your choice. You can request one, but it's where ever they need you at the time. If you like to party, you should look for an apartment in down town K-town. If you'd rather live in a little quaint village, look at places like Queidersbach, Weilerbach, and Vogelweigh. The housing there is awesome!!!!!! I think you'll be impressed. I'm now currently station in Korea, but I regard Germany as the time of my life.
  2. Tiff14RN

    Being a Nurse for a Killer

    While deployed to Iraq we took care of a lot of "bad guys" They'd get pretty worked up from time to time, but usually they were more scared of us than we were of them. We would do our best to save their lives so that potentially they could provide us with information that would help our efforts. I've been spit at, hit, kicked, but I can't imagine it's any different than taking care of a "good guy" with dimentia or a head injury. I do not know that doc from Ft. Hood, but I can't help feeling that what he did is going to have a huge impact on the way the rest of the Army looks at their medical personnel. It's truly sad
  3. Tiff14RN

    Reference from current manager..what to do??

    As a current nursing manager who is short staffed, I can understand that you boss doesn't want to lose you. However, what he/she is doing is not right. You have to be brave and confront her/him. Not necessarily confrontationally, but with specific examples of how they have impacted your job prospects. Mention the fact that you have never had any negative feedback from him/her, so a reference is justified. Do not send your manager an email, go in and talk face to face. It's a lot harder for somebody to lie or BS you while looking you in the eye. This is a tough situation, I'd be frustrated too. You could always use a reference from your PRN job, or prove your competancy by providing one of your evaluations that show you "meet the standard"