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  1. Jljkhorton

    How do you ace tests?

    My instructors always say "DON'T change your answers!". For the 1st 6 months of school, I found that to be so wrong. But now that I'm further along and seeing more advanced and difficult questions, they are so right! Our tests allow us to go back through questions after we've answered them (unlike NCLEX), mark questions for review if we need more time to think about them, etc...I just go through the test, think as minimally as possible, because I'll overthink everything, answer, and move on.
  2. Where I go to school they make us have all the prereq's done before we can apply to the nursing program. Of course it's not written that way, but if you applied w/o one done, you'd lack in points on the weighted score sheet. I have to say, that if I had to take another class with my nursing classes, I'd fail. Easily. If your school offers a BS course, like bowling, or some class that will benefit you really in no way, take it. But knock out your prereqs asap!
  3. Jljkhorton


    Lol, getting jealous of an OB rotation, that's great. Google some pics of lochia, etc....it'll even gross her out.
  4. Jljkhorton

    Learning to Wash Clothes

    There's a lot of good ole fashioned laundry soaps that come in bar form, I can't think of the names of them right now, but they're in any grocery store laundry aisle. Walmart seems to have the best selection. I lived in Brasil, where 3rd world burlap was the norm, and hand washed my clothes for 2 years. The bar soap works excellent on whites, and if you get a stain or something just rub the soap into the clothing dry, maybe with a dab of hot water, preferably from the stove, and let it soak for 10 or 15 minutes. Then you can hand wash or throw it in a reg washer. Knowing the kind of stuff I've gotten on my scrubs, a nice machine makes me feel comfortable, followed by a nice hot dryer.
  5. Knock out all your prereq's as soon as possible. Just be done with them so you can focus more on why you're there, nursing.
  6. I'm about to graduate, and doing careplans tirelessly. I go to a school where we have 1 class every 5 weeks. It's intense, and we have different instructors every 5 weeks. It's hard to know what everyone wants. Some say, "copy out of the book", others say, "you can formulate a plan of care for these patients", etc. I understand the purpose of care plans, but fail to understand the everlasting purpose of care plans. Who doesn't have a pt that could fit the nursing dx of "pain" or "anxiety"...? Seriously? If you're in nursing school, you're somewhat of an adult. If you're telling me that someone in the hospital doesn't have anxiety you're out of your mind. Some of this stuff is just so common sense that it's ridiculous. I mean, we can't use medical terminology in our diagnoses, but we can in our r/t and secondary to's? To me that says we're not medical professionals. And even though we see the diagnosis in a chart, we STILL can't write that? It would take a professor 2 minutes to listen to a student verbalize a plan of care for any patient, as opposed to sending them home to spend a few hours on a written, mostly copied "care plan." Like I said, I understand their purpose, but fail to see their ever present need. I don't mind doing them, because one: most of the info is common sense, and two: i plagiarize my butt off. And yes, I've told my instructors that very thing many times. But they continue to make me write them. So I ask, "Why do I need to rewrite what my NCP book already has typed up, edited, and bound for a teacher?" Any NCP book will give you everything you need for a successful NCP, why the need to rewrite everything? I think that if a teacher pulls you aside, for a minute or two, and asks you what you plan to do with your patient, should get a NCP. But why waste the time typing, researching, looking up, and plagiarizing? If you can't formulate a plan of care for a pt based on their needs, maybe you ought to be seeking a different degree? Sorry if I offended anyone, not my intention at all. But I base my practice and care on the best advice given to me by a man who was once my wifes nurse, and the one who made me decide to follow his path. And that is - "What would you want done if you were the one lying in that hospital bed?" NCP's are easy, common sense approaches to nursing.
  7. Just started my senior yr of school, and am wondering how to change my study habits from that of an LPN student to an RN student. I've made it exceptionally well so far, but based on recall and info only, not a whole lot of application. Every nat'l exam I've taken I've scored horribly on nursing judgement, prioritization, etc...I could recall something from 15 years ago word for word...but I'm having a hard time putting everything into application mode. I'm studying high risk OB right now, and am curious for and advice/tips etc. on how to change my mind set and study in a way that will benefit me forever!!!
  8. Jljkhorton

    New RN and NO job!!!

    This is true for any job, anywhere. Unfortunately. Everyone is on a hiring freeze, etc. Just hang in there and it'll come. If you're as willing as you say to move, you'll find something soon enough!
  9. Jljkhorton

    Being a Nurse for a Killer

    The newest NCLEX reviews (I'm about to graduate next semester) tell us that you can't refuse care to anybody. I don't know if that's a state regulation, or federal, but as far as I know, you need to look at that person (idiot) as any other patient. I don't know what I'll do if ever faced with your same situation, hopefully act like Jessie and just do what I've been trained to do...Sorry for your situation!