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  1. Lovethisworld

    Are LPN's being phased out?

    I work in LTC, where most of the management are LPNs. There's only one RN which is the director of nurses and a few part time RNs, the rest of them are LPNs, aprox 20 of them. Many RNs come and go, but those LPNs have been around for a while. This is a great facility managed by an excellent group of nurses, and I hear nothing but great feedback from the residents. Proud to be working at this place
  2. Lovethisworld

    2010 apps

    Why do you say they're fighting with you......I'm applying there too this year but to start Jan/2011. I'll be taking the Hesi soon:lol2:
  3. Did you ever go into healthcare? If so how's that working for you. I just dropped out of dental hygiene and I'm getting into the LNA program. I need something that I can accomplish in less than 2 months while giving me an opportunity to explore the fiel and make sure that's what I want to do.
  4. Lovethisworld

    LNA Program Help

    5 hours/ 4 days a week that's pretty much what I'll be doing. Did you attendd for 9 weeks too? what is the exam like, do they schedulle a group of students to take the exam or is it by appointment? I have so many questions...as you may see I don't know much about the process. Thank you for your response
  5. Lovethisworld

    LNA Program Help

    I'm also new to this website and I must tell you I've been reading the posts a lot lately. I just dropped out of the Dental Hygiene program and now I'm thinking to get into the LNA program at the red cross. I wonder how difficult the LNA really is. I couldn't handle dental hygiene because the amount of work and having a family didn't mix. I have always wanted to be a nurse but after going through what I just went through with dental I don't think I should jump into becoming an RN or something like that, I think is better to start as an LNA and make my way up. What do you people think?