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  1. aquizzle

    CNA certification while in ADN program

    i think if you're a nursing student who has passed their first set of clinicals, you're eligible to work as a CNA. check with your state board of nursing to see if you can take the certification exam and get certified that way.
  2. aquizzle

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Yahoo and Ta-a (pronounced Tadasha)
  3. aquizzle


    LOL! Nightmares about the TEAS! OMGoodness! LOL! Glad you feel more comfortable about it though. Was yours on a scantron too? So sorry that you were unable to finish. How many questions did you make it through in the math section? Maybe your score will still be a passing one though since the other sections weren't a problem for you. They tell you to spend one minute per question on the Math section to avoid running out of time. Also, a lot of the math questions have shortcuts that require very little writing on your part. So as you study the manual, start to look for simple ways to solve the problems with the least amount of writing. For example, I had the question, "What is 1.22 * .51?" You don't have to multiply this out; notice that 0.51 is about 50% and 50% of 1 is 0.5. So your answer should be a little more than 0.5 since 1.22 is a little more than 1. The options I had were 0.7122, 0.6222, 0.8109, 0.3428. Clearly the answer would be 0.6222. You see what I mean? So just take lots of math practice tests to increase your speed and you should be good!
  4. aquizzle


    I agree with Kelli. I would use McGraw for science only and the ATI book for other stuff. But if you just get the online assessment and focus on studying the parts you got wrong, you can google the topics and find elementary explanations. And do all the practice tests in the McGraw book for your weak sections. That's basically what I did. I used the online assessment and googled info i didn't know for science and math. I didn't have time to buy the ATI book before the test. You can also study the rationales from the online assessment to get a better idea of how you should be thinking.
  5. aquizzle

    My day has come and yours will too !!!!!!!

    yay! congrats! :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:
  6. If you already have a BS in another field, and have so many years of RN experience, you could also go directly into an MSN program. Would you consider being an advanced practice nurse? Just throwing another option out there.
  7. aquizzle

    2 yr ADN versus MSN

  8. aquizzle

    2 yr ADN versus MSN

    Yes that's what i'm thinking with the ADN too, but a lot of the direct entry programs let you sit for the NCLEX after about a year of intense full-time coursework, so you can begin working a little sooner than the ADN if you pass. Then as you work, you have the option of finishing the Master's portion part time.
  9. aquizzle

    Off the beaten path nursing jobs

    good question. i'd like to know this too
  10. aquizzle

    Spring Break Overseas Trips

    I'm not sure about student nurses, but check out http://onenurseatatime.org/. Your school's nursing department should have some info though
  11. aquizzle

    2 yr ADN versus MSN

    I'm trying to make that same decision too. I have a B.S. in chemistry but can't afford the Accelerated BSN programs and I'm not sure I can afford the direct entry msn programs either. If I go the ADN route, there are schools in my area that allow an RN with a BS in another field to go right into an MSN program without requiring a BSN. Plus I have a 3 month old right now and can't afford daycare so i need an option that will allow me lots of flexibility and the adn does that for me. I think I'll apply to both and make my decision when I see my options. If you can afford it and you have the time, you should go the MSN route; as an RN would be extra time and coursework. Good luck!
  12. aquizzle

    Direct Entry Masters programs in Boston/Mass.

    These are all good schools and if you can afford it, I think the Direct Entry is a better option for you - especially if you have a good GPA. Some of them require the GRE and really focus on that score so you really have to do well to make yourself a competitive candidate. Good luck!
  13. aquizzle

    TEAS EXAM: I failed...Anyone take it with some advice?

    Congrats mguido!:yeah:
  14. aquizzle


    congrats! :yeah: passing is always a good feeling!
  15. aquizzle


    Don't be nervous! Just relax and knock it out the park!