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  1. stomach contents in my eye and mouth!

    Please please be careful. I am at home having to put 2 eye drops in my eyes every 30 minutes and a salve in them twice a day. It feels like battery acid going in my eyes when I put the vancomycin in. The pain is unbearable. I am scared to go back aro...
  2. stomach contents in my eye and mouth!

    I know it has been awhile since this happened to you. But 2 years after having body fluids with MRSA in it , went into my eyes, I came up with MRSA in my eyes. Please get cultured by an eye Dr. Would love to know what your hospital did for you Mine t...
  3. How many times can I get sick in one year????

    AMEN to that. I have seen everything in Oncology. Be safe. If you get exposed to anything, fill out paperwork, be seen by ER, take care of yourself. Dont mean to scare you but it is NOT one of the safest places to work in the hospital. But I love wor...
  4. So, how many of you have had MRSA

    YOu are correct from what I am reading. If you got MRSA from the unit, you would probably need vancomycin. Community MRSA doesnt. But I am also reading despite that it doesnt need the Big Guns like vancomycin,alot of the community MRSA is worse. Str...
  5. I got MRSA from my JOB

    There are some ways to tell if you got it from the hospital or the community. From what I am reading and what my Dr. told me, if your strand is not resistant to other antibiotics then it is probably community MRSA . If it is resistant to other antibi...
  6. Water from g-tube splash to face.

    Even though this happened in May, go to the Eye Dr. DOnt take a chance. I am sitting here now with MRSA in my eyes from a splash . It is so painful having to put all these drops in every 30 minutes. My eyes are raw from them. I filled out a report b...
  7. Contracting MRSA

    My Dr. has let me work with the MRSA in my eyes. I chose to stay out this week from another part time job so I could keep putting the eye drops in every 30 minutes. Dr. said the only reason I have it is that it was splashed in my eyes from a JP drain...
  8. Chemo Exposure, What to do, Worried, Precautions

    I work in Oncology and chemo to me is not my biggest worry. It is all the MRSA, VRE, C Diff we have on the floor. I know that is on every floor but with patients who have low immune systems, it is easier for them to contact these bugs.
  9. MRSA exposure???

    I am going thru this same thing right now. I was exposed 2 years ago via a JP drain . the pt. had MRSA. I was in the room with the CNA helping turn the patient when it happened. The CNA did not see the drain was stuck in the railing and did not hear ...